In Memoriam

Harry Hale, Jr. longtime professor of Sociology at the University of Louisiana-Monroe, died March 17,2011 in Monroe.  He was an active leader in the Association for the Scientific Study of Religion in the region.  A past president and proceedings editor for ASSR, he was also a founding member of ASSR.  Professor Hale was a long-time colleague of Frank P. Forwood at the University of Louisiana-Monroe, where he taught until his death.

A tribute to Hale is located at


E. Earle Ellis
, Research Professor of Theology Emeritus at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, died March 2 at the age of 83.

Ellis received his doctorate from the University of Edinburgh in 1955.  A prolific scholar of New Testament studies, he produced numerous articles and books that addressed the relationship between the testaments, the world of the apostles, and the theology of salvation history. 
Ellis served the academy and was active in the SWCRS meetings.  He founded the Institute for Biblical Research, which holds annual regional meetings at the SWCRS conference.  In 2002, the SWCRS awarded Ellis the John G. Gammie Distinguished Scholar Award.
A tribute to Ellis is located at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary website.

Edith Wyschogrod, the J. Newton Rayzor Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at Rice University, died July 16 in New York City at the age of 79.

Wyschogrod joined Rice's Religious Studies Department in 1992. She retired in 2003.

She authored many influential books on ethics and received numerous accolades. Wyschogrod was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Guggenheim Fellow, a fellow of the National Humanities Center and past president of the American Academy of Religion.
Wyshogrod was influential in the training of several SWCRS colleagues.