About Us

The Leafar Group is quickly establishing itself as the premier recycling company in the galaxy. Hailing from the Ploo Sector, the company remains dedicated to the development and prosperity of the Leafar System. The Group’s primary investors, Machiezmo Juggalo, Anikin Aikinar and Denton Dabbs, have provided stability along with the company's vision for their future. Machiezmo brings his leadership and recycling skills which have quickly propelled the Group to new heights. With several investments planned, the Group’s future is bright and they continue to expand.

Leafar was once a desolate system with very little civilization until the Group systematically constructed cities an infrastructure among the various gas giants. The system is also known for its rich resources and friendly citizens that are grateful for the development and security the Leafar Group provides. Upon completion of development within this System, the Group will continue to support the citizens with cutting edge technology and a vast security system.

The Leafar Group boasts prestigious clients for recycling, and continues to expand its operations with the goal of including more clients in the near future. With a solid vision of the future, abundant financial support and loyal, hard working members, the Leafar Group vows to properly recycle unwanted trash and unusable facilities to help maintain a clean and safe environment for all sentients to enjoy.


                 Owner/Leader:  Machiezmo Juggalo
                 2nd In Command:  Denton Dabbs
                 3rd In Command: Anakin Aikinar
                 Recruiter:  Skye Naramore


                 -Equipment Rental Fee: Waived if using own equipment or providing equipment or else Wreckers are 250k each and EVS' are 500k each
                 -Travel Fee: 100k per day one way (This can be calc. by plotting the distance between the Leafar System and the target location, all of our technicians will leave from the Leafar System.)
                 -Recycling Fee/Taxes:  The cost paid to Local Government to recycle the entity
                 -Raw Material Fee: Waived if we keep the raw materials gained, or it is the current public cost for the rms, if transportation for unloading them is needed see Travel Fees
                 -Technician Fee: Waived if you use your own member or 150k per entity that our Technician recycles
                 -Price is negotiable, please contact Machiezmo Juggalo with any questions.

                 -We provide transportation of items/raw materials/passenegers.  Price is negotiable.

                 -We have 2 skilled (Level 5 Comp Op) prospectors in our group willing to assist you in your prospecting needs.  Price is negotiable.

          Datacard Rentals
                 -Please contact Denton Dabbs for any and all datacard rentals.