South Winterbourne Community 
Flood Action Group (SWCFAG)

for Winterbourne Abbas, Winterbourne Steepleton and Martinstown 
near Dorchester in Dorset, UK

We are a SELF HELP community group formed in October 2013 whose aim is to help lessen the impact of flooding in the beautiful South Winterbourne valley by co-ordinating the efforts of the village communities, riparian owners, parish councils and larger land owners/farmers to maintain the existing infrastructure in the best possible condition whilst observing and safeguarding the ecology and wildlife. 

The 2019 annual clearing of the South Winterbourne by our local contractor in the Steepleton areas has been undertaken in early November 2019. We await hedge cutting to be completed to allow final tidying up etc. Volunteer groups have undertaken local clearing during the year but weed growth has been exceptional this year.

A volunteer session is planned in Winterbourne Abbas on Sunday 24th November - meet Jason Hallett at the church at 10am.

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Views from Rew Bridge (between Martinstown & Steepleton)
looking west - before and after clearing