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Important Announcements


The Southwest Brunswick Newcomers Club (SWBNC) is accepting nominations for the following Officer and Chairperson positions:

Co-Social Chair

As a Co-Social Chair, this position will assist in arranging committee and social activities for the Club members. 

Hospitality Chair

As Hospitality Chair, this position welcomes guests and new members, provide and maintain name tags for all members. 

As you may know, the SWBNC was formed to 1) stimulate new associations and friendships through shared social activities, 2) help newcomers to identify with their community and 3) promote interest in local civic, cultural, and service programs.

The above positions along with all our existing Board and Chairpersons is the key to keep our Club moving forward for the benefit of all members. If you need a copy of the Duties of the Officers or Committee Chairpersons, please call or email any of the Board Members.

Please consider these open positions. Let us know if you have any questions.