Pastor Robert Kasten

I grew up in Emanuel Baptist Church of Pontiac, MI. Dr. Tom Malone was Pastor. At the age of six I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at home with my mother. 

In the summer of my ninth year Dad came home and announced that we were moving to Fort Worth, TX so that he could go to Bible Baptist Seminary and become a preacher.  When he finished school we moved back to Pontiac, and converted the upstairs of my grandparents’ house to an apartment where we lived.  Dad worked at Emanuel while he prayed about what God wanted him to do.  It wasn’t long until Dad started Faith Baptist Church of Waterford, MI.

 Missionaries visited our church on a regular basis and showed slides about their work in jungles and cities around the world.  I was intrigued but when they talked about eating monkey and anacondas hanging from trees my interest fell away.  But then God began to stir a calling that I didn’t understand but during an invitation one Sunday I told God that I would go to the mission field if He would help me deal with monkey stew and anacondas.

 I went to the same Bible School as my father did which had moved to Arlington, TX.  I really enjoyed those years, it seemed that every week was a new adventure.  I heard a message during chapel on Ezekiel 22:30 and during the invitation I told the Lord that I would “stand in the gap” when ever He showed me one.  I must say many times God showed me gaps that scared me to death.

Three weeks before my graduation my father was killed in auto accident and Faith Baptist called me as pastor.  At twenty years of age God presented a gap to me that was way beyond anything I was prepared for.  But I could not refuse the call because I promised God I would stand whenever He showed me a “gap.”  Being a home boy and not very adventuress God has moved me form Michigan to Florida to California and back to Florida again.  Every move was out of my comfort zone but non the less a great adventure where God blessed beyond my natural ability.

Bible Baptist Seminary, Arlington, Texas
Bachelor of Divinity
Past Churches
Faith Baptist Church of Waterford, MI -  Pastor
Dayton Baptist Temple of Dayton OH – Youth Pastor
Midland Baptist Temple of Midland, MI – Pastor
Sycamore Baptist Church of Jackson, MI – Music, Youth and Bus
Jacksonville Baptist Temple of Jackson, FL – Bus and director of Education
Ambassador Baptist Church of Fontana, CA. Pastor
Southwest Baptist Church of Fort Myers, FL
Shelby and I have been married for 47 years

            Kelly Kasten Heaton

            She is married to Kevin who is the accountant for the Ohio Baptist Convention

            their children are Kyle,Kendal, and Kori.

           Rob Kasten
           He is married to Mindy,  their children are Maddy and Haddon.

           Stephen Kasten

           He is married to Jessica, they haveson Marcos.

           He is the Youth Pastor at SWBC


          Working on old Cars


Vision for Church

I try to cast a Great Commission Vision i.e. Making disciples, Baptizing Disciples and Teaching Disciples.




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