Bible Studies

 Bible Studies

 10:00 AM        Home of Edelgard Frazee

   1:00 PM        "The Armor of God" by Priscilla Shirer Led by Kay Bowling  starting Jan. 16th, 2018   
  5:45 PM         Church          Pastor Bob Kasten
  5:45 PM         Church           Shelby Kasten 

  5:45 PM         Church           Dale Miller

  5:45 PM         Church           Al Denny -  The Return of Christ
  5:45  PM   Prayer Group      Church Library     Dr. Bob Stuckey

  6:00 PM         B/S                "Identity In Christ"   Youth

Thursday (starting January 18th.)
  Sign-up  "Finding I Am - How Jesus Satisfies - The Cry Of Your Heart"    Ruth Prather
                       For more information call Church at 239-454-3336