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Have you ever gotten so good at something it just gets, well, there is really no other way to put it, BORING! I know it sounds crazy that anyone could ever get bored making piles of money but the truth is, once you figure it all out it kind of loses the "thrill of the hunt" factor. And not only that, but once you discover the secrets to making REAL money you kind of work yourself out of a job so to speak because your money and systems do all the work for you. This is gonna sound nuts but... Yeah, it actually does get sort of boring. (I told you it sounds nuts!) So the logical next step in the process is to become the coach or teacher. Just like pro athletes who break every record there is, reach their full potential, win everything there is to win, and have nothing left to prove. Many of them become coaches or commentators. Because they NEVER stop loving the game, but their roles change from player to mentor because it becomes much more inspiring to help others rise to the top after you've reached it yourself.
Much like a friend who went from a NYC street kid peddling books on street corners to making over $75 million online! He's quietly been behind the scenes of the business world raking in more money than most "gurus" will ever dream of using his top secret methods for years. And NOT just selling "How To Make Money" stuff. He's conquered 100's of industries and pioneered many of the techniques almost everyone uses today to make millions for themselves. And if you've never heard of Joshua, it's because he's a pretty private guy who doesn't really like the flash and glitz, he's more interested in results and systems. So when he showed me this presentation revealing the truth about what he does to rake in that much money I intently listened. And I KNEW I had to share it with you because it WILL change your life starting right now! He said it was cool, but only on one condition, it had to be by invitation only because he's taking on the role of the "coach" now that he's been the MVP for many years and he's doing a small marketing test to find the perfect group of people to show his proprietary system to. And he takes that role VERY serious.
I know it's a small test and once he's got his crew he's pulling this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn directly from the guy who's produced over $75 million, created millionaires, and pioneered many of the tactics the most successful online business crowd uses today. If I were you I'd stop reading and start clicking that link and listen to every word of what this guy has to say. It will change your life. YOUR SIG P.S. Is it even possible to get "bored" with making money? Take a look and see what you think:

If you have not found something yet keep looking you never know

I am adding a link to my other web page to show people I am trying to make money, I also have wrote a book on my disease; but I can't find anyone to publish it. I can have it done through self publishing, again it cost money up front; something I do not have.
The link below will take you to a page I have made and am sending out through twitter to see if I can make some money part time.
Insurance Photography

Below is a link I have made so people can read some of my book, to see if people will be interested in reading the rest of it. I am looking into software so it can be a downloaded book, not a book form to hold a read. This type of book I see is catching on, again software is not free. anyway take a look and see what you think. If you have any ideas on what I can do with the book, or know of inexpensive software to use let me know. If you know of a company that is willing to help with donating a software package to get the book out to the public, please let me know.

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