Insurance Photography

Have your home and Car professionally photographed for your insurance company 

    When you own home a home what ever the size, or an apartment; you need insurance. How will the insurance company know what to pay out if they don't know what you really do have; will they take your word? not always.

    If you have a DVD with all your belongings on it, they will have to pay out your claim as filed. Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words or in your case thousands of dollars.

    If you have all the toys that we all just have to have, we need to insure it for the replacement  cost, not for what the insurance company wants to give you.

    Collections of coins, stamps, movies, music and any other types of thinks that people collect; needs to be shown to the insurance company. When it is stolen or god forbid burnt in a house fire. our DVD will show every thing you own and in return you will get what your property is worth the full amount not what they wish to offer you.

Insurance companies are looking out for the bottom line, so they only pay out what they think you have and only what you tell them. If you forget to let them know about your new home theater or that nice new jewelry you bought your wife last Christmas, you will not get the value of your property.    

If this is your car, or if you have a newer car; it's always best to have a clear photo of the outside and inside of the car. Most of the time your insurance broker will never visit your home, so they have no idea what the car looks like, until it has been hit by another car. Before the accident photos are taken, have photos taken and put in a safe place.

This is the first photo you should have for your insurance broker.

Don't let this be the first photo they see.

    As part of my package I include  inventor insurance computer program, to fill in notes, serial numbers and model numbers of your items. If you wish you can add  the photos into the program to correspond with each item.
A CD with the program on it, will be given at the first visit.
Normal turn around time is three days, to drop off your DVD's.

I work in the Ottawa Ontario region only

Scott Watson

Coin Collections

DVD and CD collections

Your Jewelry

Every room in your home

It's also very good to have a photo of the inside of your garage.

The cost for your home to be photographed starts at $295.00 - for the average three bedroom home.After 3 hours you will be billed at  $75.00 per hour.
 Have your car done at the same time for only $25.00.
Price includes two DVD's. One for you, one for your insurance broker.
 Extra copies $25.00 each.
If you wish to have only your car done cost start at $55.00. you get one DVD, collector and show cars are by the hour $75.00
 Extra DVD's $25.00 each.

Insurance photography for your business is done by the hour only. After office hours calls available.

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