Swathi Farm is a 4.5 Acre land situated in Chikka kereyuru of H.D. Kote Taluk of Mysore district. We are following natural farming methods to produce food organically. 

Eco-sustainable living is the prime focus at the farm. We have been planting trees (covering 58+ species till date) to increase bio-diversity.  We are also trying to grow most of the essential vegetables and fruits. Solar based lighting and Gobar gas based cooking fuel  means our dependency on non renewable energy is minimal. 

Living amidst nature has been a long cherished dream. 

Swathi is the name of a star as well as a rain , is our effort to find some of the answers around sustainable living. 

Our effort is to sustain those activities which we believe can

  •  Improve soil quality and fertility by increasing the organic matter content of the soil, and by minimizing losses from soil erosion

  •  Increase the efficiency of resource utilization that can result in the most effective use of water and energy

  •  Promote biological diversity on the farm with the belief that this will result in improved  internal nutrient cycling and conservation

  •  Minimize impact on environment & nature

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If you are interested in visiting us, you can get more details by clicking here.

This site has been compiled by us for sharing information and get feedback on the kind of things we are doing and planning to do.

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Best time to Visit
Jun - Jan months of the year. If you want to stay close to a water front place July-August would be the best. Afterwards water recede but weather holds on nicely till Dec/Jan.