Brilliant Zippers

Swarovski Brilliant Zippers

Swarovski Brilliant Zippers have distinctive zipper teeth/sliders and pullers.

Swarovski Brilliant Zipper teeth slider

Swarovski Brilliant Zipper teeth/slider

Swarovski Brilliant puller for zipper

Swarovski Brilliant Zipper Puller
(this Swarovski Brilliant Zipper Puller can be purchased separately)

Types of Swarovski Brilliant Zippers available

Swarovski 80300 Brilliant Zipper

Brilliant Zipper
(closed at one end)
Swarovski 80302 Brilliant Zipper

Brilliant Zipper
(open ended)
Swarovski 80311 Brilliant Zipper

Brilliant Zipper
(open ended,
2 sliders "inside out")

Swarovski Magic Zipper OPTIONS:

LENGHT: ranges from 10cm to 75cm

FABRIC & PLASTIC COLOR (for the puller, and slider):
Black (012)
White (022)
Zebra - Puller & Slider Black (030)
Zebra - Puller & Slider White (031)

CRYSTAL COLOR/EFFECT: (click for larger image. Opens in new window)
Swarovski Brilliant Zipper - color availability chart
This color availability chart applies to all of the Brilliant Zippers.

Approximate Price Guide: AU$15.27 - $48.16 /pc (depending on stone color & zip length)