2009 Gypsy Rose (pink)

Swarovski Color Theme: "Gypsy Rose"

"Pink, the colour of feelings and emotions, is also very female.
Pink is the colour of tenderness!"
~ Swarovski ~

Colors for Spring/Summer 2009

Swarovski Color Theme Gypsy Rose These color combinations from Swarovski are always aesthetically pleasing and are sure winners regardless of what year you find yourself in!

General Trend Concepts

Use these underlying theme concepts to allow your mind to expand into the suggested spheres of thought to aid in your own creative outpourings.
  • slowing down of pace and mood
  • harmony
  • South-East Europe
  • openess of senses
  • lavish, magnificent roses
  • well-being
  • feeling good
  • romanticism

Colours of "Gypsy Rose"

  • Light Amethyst
  • Violet
  • Rose Water Opal
  • Vintage Rose
  • Dark Red Coral
  • Sand Opal