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Rosary for Mommy

14 Oct 2011
handmade rosary and handmade cross for mommy
Up to date, this year, cash flow has been very very tight.  Very.
This year, I made my very first rosary and have made quite a few since and I have discovered how much I love making them.  They are so soothing to create - even for an agnostic like me!

So given those 2 facts, it is not surprising I have resorted to making a rosary for my mom.  But this one is special - because the person to receive it is special.  And I also specially tried to learn how to make my own cross/crucifix.  And I wanted it to match the rosary plus I wanted a bit of bling.  And I wanted it to be not just a simple strung together cross.  So here is hoping real hard that my mom will love this rosary as much as I have enjoyed making it for her.

handmade cross and rosary with gemstone and sterling silver 
I chose this color fluorite gemstone coz my mom likes the violets, purples, mauves coloration (at least I hope so!!!).  These little fluorite nuggets are rounded and tumbled and feel delicate and peaceful in the hands.  I have matched them with Swarovski crystal pearls (6mm, Burgundy).  I have used my almost last Sterling Silver rosary center.  And I have made my first "elaborate" cross - filled with Swarovski crystals.  

For the cross I used Swarovski #5328 bicone (4mm, Violet Opal, Cyclamen Opal) and 2.5mm Swarovski clear crystal for wrapping around the cross.

handmade gemstone and sterling silver rosary and cross fluorite gemstone in handmade rosary

This rosary is done in "uncoiled loops" for a smoother, unkink-able use.  (see Rosary - Tips and How To for explanation on "uncoiled loops")
handmade rosary with fluorite gemstones and Swarovski pearls handmade rosary in fluorite gemstone, Swarovski pearls, and sterling silver rosary center

As mentioned above, this is my first attempt at an "elaborate" customized cross/crucifix.  You can see working details on the construction of this cross.
handmade cross in Swarovski crystals and montee

The following photos show the front and back of the handmade cross - it shows the wire coiling, the bead and wire wrapping.
handmade cross in Swarovski crystals handmade cross - wire wrapped in crystals and beads

handmade wire-wrapped cross crucifix in Swarovski crystals bead and wire wrapping in handmade cross

Happy Birthday Mommoy
I Love You