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Handmade Hematite Moonstone Rosary, Cross, Cross Center

16 Oct 2011 (ch0217)

Hematite Moonstone Rosary

Handmade Rosary, Handmade Chainmail Cross/Crucifix, Handmade Chainmail Rosary Center

Handmade hematite moonstone rosary with chainmail cross and rosary center
I made this for a special someone.  His birthday is coming up.  But I am not naming names coz I have to suz it out first to see if he will like it when I show this to him.  

He seems to love Hematite gemstone rosaries and he is wise in that.  Hematite is a gemstone that is ideal for meditation, prayer, forgiveness, and healing.  

I have used round polished hematite beads (6mm) and they feel marvelous!!! 
(Note to self: get more of those sized hematite beads!)
Moonstone beads - round, 6mm

Lately I have been trying to figure out how to make various handmade and customized crosses/crucifixes.  Hematite and Moonstone gemstone rosary with chainmaille cross handmade hematite and moonstone rosary  

This cross here is a chainmail cross.  (I will try to put up some notes on how to make a chainmail cross.) Quite a unique and amazing cross.  It will (of course) retain its shape but as you can see, is also very flexible.  Ideal for the person looking for something special and unique.  Also very ideal for the kinesthetic person.
handmade chainmail chain maille cross crucifix flexible chainmail handmade cross crucifix

Handmade chainmail rosary center 

I have also made the rosary center using chain mail techniques.  This one has been adapted from the Japanese Flower chainmail. (I just didn't join to form a closed round and so it forms a kind of triangle instead).  And I used a washer for the center.  Nice ain't it? :D

The rosary links here have been constructed both for security and also to ensure that there are minimum number of kinks for the user.
Hematite and Moonstone beads for handmade rosary handmade rosary - coiled loops and rosary links

Wire & Jump Rings used: all lead and nickel free. Silver plated over brass.