Handmade Rosaries Collection

Part of ClearlyChosen Gallery

This collection of handmade rosaries is collated from oldest to newest, where the newest is displayed first. I started making rosaries in 2011 - more as an experiment and also in recalling something my brother said to me once.   Much to my surprise, I found that rosary making very soothing and calming.

Each rosary is totally hand wired/knotted/strung together.

Items from this Jewelry Collection is normally distributed via various outlets. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, here is a very short skit on me in The Designer role. (opens in new window)



Hematite Moonstone handmade rosary, cross, rosary center ch0217
handmade hematite rosary ch0216

handmade fluorite gemstone and sterling silver rosary (mom 2011)
Rosary in Prehite gemstone and bone beads (ch0197)
Rosary in Crystals n Pearls (ch0196)
rosary in yak and wood beads ch0195
Rosary in Sterling Silver and Pearls ch0139

Rosary in Sterling Silver, Amazonite, Coral ch0183