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Wire Wrap Jade like Pendant

8 Dec 2011 (ch0226)

Wire Wrap Jade like Pendant

.. for a super special BMW

This wire wrap jade like pendant (with some border wire wrap) is mainly free form wire wrapping.  I started off just playing with the gemstone (which though not jade, looks very much like it) and I thought that one very special lady, whom I shall call BMW, might like it.  Then again she might not, but either way, it goes to her with the biggest love for Christmas 2011.
Wire Wrap Jade like Pendant Wire Wrap Jade like Pendant back

As with almost all my free form work, the stone and the materials lead the way and decide what they want to become.  This jade like pendant has ended up with a fruity festive feel.  

Work Notes: 
The slight top beaded arch is made in one piece with the rest of the wire wrapping and then followed by the (wire braided) bail.  The cluster at the top, comprising of delicious Swarovski pearls and crystals are made with round head head pins.  The cluster was actually a component made independently and previously than this piece but they seem to fall in love and come together.

Wire Wrap Jade like pendant Wire Wrap Jade like Pendant side

The wire is gold aluminium wire.  Thinner copper wire is initially used to form the border-bands for the thicker wire to initiate and firm the wire wrapping for this wire wrapped jade like pendant.