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Wire Coiling Wire Wrapping Pendants

Posted 8 Oct 2011 (ch0209 & ch0210)
Wire Coiled Wire Wrapped Pendants
Made a while ago, these are 2 of my earlier pendants.  The wires got hold of me and I had to give it all a whirl.  They are not the most elegant wraps and when I was making them, I was just letting the wires "speak to me" and I only had to wait in anticipation to see how they would decide to end up.  I told myself that it was all part of a new journey and learning.

wire coiled wire wrapped pendants

Like I said, not the most elegant.  And I had every intention of disposing these or just keeping them in the dank sample drawer.  However over time (I have let them lay out in the house wherever they likes) and I find that I really like them.  Very strange: not like as in I want to wear them.  But like them for no reason than there is something in them that makes me feel good inside when I look and play with them.

Freeform Wire Coiled pendant with Spirals


freeform wire coiling pendants
2 views of this free form wire coiling.  I started off with must making a long tube of wire coiling.  I was also taking the opportunity to learn about my wire coiling gizmos that I have bought such a long time ago and they have been so patient waiting for their time of use to arrive.
Then I just twisted and turned and spiraled and shaped - and the pendant was formed.  It almost felt like it formed itself than me forming it. And this seems to bear some truth because when I tried to make another of these many days later - not the same but anything similar - the result was not pleasing.

wire coil pendant freeform Freeform Wire Coiled Pendant with Spirals
I used 0.7mm (approx 22 gauge) pure brass wire.  It is rather hard even without work hardening.  So this resultant pendant is not flimsy. Brass is not my favourite wire color otherwise I would probably be more than happy to wear this.  However like I said earlier, there is something in this pendant that really holds and attracts me.  One day I might know why it was made.

Double Wire Coiling and Wrapping Pendant


wire coiled and wire wrapped pendant in 2 wires
This is another of my very earliest pieces.

Here I was still experimenting.  Well, I am I always experimenting :)

I was checking out how 2 different wires would work together.  I chose pure brass and copper.  Both 22 gauge (about 0.7mm dia).

The copper is much softer than the brass but it all worked out ok. 

I was still playing around with wire wrapping coiled wire to see what kinds of possible curves and forms I could get, not just from wrapping wire but coiled wire.

The large Oriental (looking) bead is from some kind of resin - cream base with gold in the etched design.

Below are photos primarily to show how free form and unstructured the wrapping is.
wire wrapping detail in pendant  free flow wire wrapping and coiled pendant

The next photo shows how I make-shifted a base spiral to hole the bead which had a very large bore/hole.
bottom spiral in wire wrapped pendant