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Birds Nest Pendants

7 Dec 2011 (ch0221_

Bird's Nest Pendants for Christmas

Nest of Pearly Eggs

Bird's Next Pendants have intrigued me for a while.  I saw some online some very long time ago and told myself I wanted to give them a try.  And now with the onward march of Christmas, my fingers have finally found their way to creating some.
Birds Nest Pendants

These 2 were created in different gauged wires to check out the differences.  I know that in the images, since they were shot separately, you can't quite tell the difference.  But there is a difference - and I really don't have a preference as I like both the these Bird's Nest pendants.

Birds Nest Pendant with 0.7mm wire

This was done with 0.7mm diameter wire.  The bail was attached afterwards.
Start off with the eggs and do the nest.  In this instance here, I added some Angelina iridescent fibres under the eggs and the effect is actually more subtle than in the pictures below.  By night, one catches hints of eye-catching sparkle under the eggs.  
Pearls used here are silver blue-grey Akoya pearls.
A quick look at the back of the Birds Nest Eggs pendant.

Birds Nest Pendants back

Birds Nest Pendant with 0.4mm wire
Here for the Bird's Nest Eggs pendant, I have chosen to use a finer 0.4mm wire.  It produces a more delicate pendant and is really quite charming.  The pearls here are oval Freshwater pearls.
Below is a peek at the back of the Birds Nest Eggs pendant.  As you can see, it is pretty much free flow work.  The main thing is to ensure that when finishing the pendant, you tie down all the loose wires.
Birds Nest Eggs pendant Birds Nest Eggs pendant back

Birds Nest Eggs Pendant in Red

On a whim, I thought I would check to see how a colored birds nest pendant might look like.  I must confess the pictures look better than they do in real life!!!  Well at least to me because this is the only one I will be making as it did not appeal to me.  Here I used 3 shades of Swarovski pearl crystals (6mm)
Red Birds Nest Eggs Pendant Red Birds Nest Eggs Pendant

red bird nest pendant - back

That's my little adventure with Birds Nest pendants.  It was really easier to make than I expected and let me tell you, it is a Fun project.