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bracelet - Raspberry Pearls Eternity Bangles

Raspberry Pearls - Beaded Crochet Eternity Bangles

Raspberry Pearls (CC19)

beaded crochet Eternity Bangles

A lusciously rich Eternity Bangle with matching freshwater pearls for a fruity happy ensemble. It is soft, flexible, drapable - making it very comfortable to wear.

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beaded crochet Eternity Bangles

Rich and lush bangle done in spiral crochet with glass pearl beads, freshwater pearls, and bugle beads.

beaded crochet Eternity Bangles  
beaded crochet Eternity Bangles   beaded crochet Eternity Bangles Samples of other Eternity Bangles


4mm Lilac Purple glass pearl beads (276 pcs)
4mm Vintage Purple glass pearl beads (69 pcs)
Deep Purple Freshwater Pearls (69 pcs)
Cut bugle beads in Aurore Borealis finish
strong crochet thread


Crochet Hook (size 8)

Method in Brief

Spiral crochet rope method - 5 "beads" per round over 69 rows. Joined end to end.


Most beads and jewelry making supplies used can be purchased from ClearlyChosen's Jewelry Supplies Store


Inner Diameter of bracelet: 24cm / 9.5 inch
Bangle Diameter/thickness: 25mm / 0.98 inch