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bracelet - retro metallica

Beaded Felted Cab Cuff Bracelet Bangle

Warm Retro Metallica (CC65)

felt cab beaded cuff bracelet

In Beaded Felt Cabs, I show some of the earliest felted cabs I made. This is from the Warm Retro cab set.

This is probably not going to be my fav but this is my first fully beaded felted full cuff bangle or cuff bracelet. And that certainly puts a smile on my face. On top of that, I trialed using beer stubby holder as the cuff base ~ and I love it.

The standard stubby holder has 19.5-20 cm circumference (apprx 1.5 inches) and it has a bit of "give" due to the very nature of the cusiony material.

For one thing, it is recycled. And I do love using recycled items and re-purposing them. (Makes me feel good!) And though I love shopping and buying gadgets and specialty items, when one uses things that were originally designed for something else, it does make my brain cells work laterally ~ and that is always a good thing for creativity and even for keeping young.

So instead of going out and buying what everyone else seems to be using - i.e. cuff blanks as they are called, I had a blast of a time using my beer stubby. And the end result is that it is warm and cushiony ~ and it is a standard size.

This size is probably best suited for medium sized wrists; it is a bit too large for mine.

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The Cuff Process

felt cab beaded cuff bracelet

The felted cab components can be seen at: Warm Retro cab set. Here is the next steps in creating the cuff.

felt cab beaded cuff bracelet Another recycled material - this strong, fray-resistant, black material. I used this as the backing for the cabs where I glued them on and beaded. This pic shows both sides (taken at night). It is quite shinny, very closely woven, and strong ~ but still easy enough to sew through.

felt cab beaded cuff bracelet The circumference is determined by the size of the stubby holder. Next, determine the width for the cuff. Place and glue on the cabs. (Make sure that it is only in the center of each cab. Glue near the edges will make the needle gummy as you sew.). Draw in the outlines and any design lines you want. Here the curvy line is because I determined I wanted 2 beaded colors later on.

Sew around each cab to better secure them to the backing. It only has to be medium density sewing. Then beaded away!!

felt cab beaded cuff bracelet Once you have finished beading (the background full dense beading - random style), cut. As here, you can also add other beads, stones/cabochons before the full random background beading. Here I have used Cliff Brunton's final auction vintage stage square plastic flat-back sew-on stones.
Cut the stubby holder to the required width determined for the cuff bracelet.
Cut out at one end the rectangular edging to decrease final thickness of backing.
Fold over and crease all the edges that will have to be folded down.

The seedies used were red-solid core size 11 and size 11 metallic gold seed beads.

felt cab beaded cuff braceletTack down the edges (only because this material does not crease 100%). Then dabble glue on so that it can be fitted over the stubby holder.

I find it better once it is on the stubby holder, to do one round of whip stitching on both edges. After that, bead the edges to finish off.

Result: Warm Retro Metallica Cuff Bracelet

Photos below are taken either under different lighting or camera setting (can't remember) ~ hence the color differences. T

felt cab beaded cuff bracelet felt cab beaded cuff bracelet felt cab beaded cuff bracelet felt cab beaded cuff bracelet
felt cab beaded cuff bracelet