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Beaded Retro Bracelet with Wire Wrapping

retro bracelet with wire wrapping
This bracelet is made in retro colors with a combination of copper wire wrapping.

The beading is done in RAW (raw angle weave) - which is one of the softest and most flexible of the beaded weaves.

I will start with some photos of the final item.

center of retro beaded bracelet

beaded retro bracelet
retro beaded bracelet handmade

retro bracelet with Swarovski clasp 
Swarovski clasp on handmade beaded retro bracelet

The 2 photos above show one side of the clasp - both the top and bottom.
This is a genuine Swarovski clasp - transparent with embedded Swarov crystals.  (Normally found on lingerie but works perfectly well here too.)

Swarovski clasp on beaded retro bracelet

This photo here shows the other end of the clasp.

finishing on handmade retro bracelet

The beaded piece (being so flexible and "soft") is folded to fit the clasp. 
I have further sewn down part of the over-lapping sides for more secureness.
A matching ribbon attaches from beaded area to loop in clasp.

handmade beaded retro bracelet
The bracelet has been made to fit a small (wrist) size: 17.5 cm (approx. 7 inch)

The center part has been made with lots or wrapped crystals, intermingling with lots of Swarovski (bicone 4mm) crystals and Swarovski pearls.

The wire wrapped crystals are faceted flat tear-drop crystals. Each bead is wire-wrapped to provide a loop at the top, and the spirals are formed at the end of the wrapping. (opt) A dab of glue can be put under each spiral for additional security and to ensure the wire does not catch when worn. The wire is pure copper.
All the wrapped beads are made first and then they are attached on via the wire as that wire is wrapped around the center of the bracelet, forming a gathered portion. 

These photos here below are close-ups of the center part.
wire wrapped beads on retro bracelet wire wrapped center with crystals and pearls wire wrapped gems for retro bracelet wire wrapped center of beaded retro bracelet

wire wrapping in center of beaded retro bracelet

This photo is a close-up to show the side of this bracelet.  It displays the random hand-wrapping of the wire around the center of the bracelet.