Xavier Lim

19 May 2011

Xavier Lim is a reclusive artist whose works have been awaited by many for a long, long time.

He started his artistic love affair with drawing way before he could walk properly and way before the opinions of others could have an impact on him.  He used the largest canvas he could find - the air - and drew at every opportunity, at every chance.  Lost in the world of his magical creations - his works always amazed and delighted his family and envious siblings whenever those airy works found their way onto paper.

Born with an immense innate talent, he did not escape the rocky roads encountered by many artists of stature.  Life, circumstances, and false beliefs led him to become a silent and reclusive artist.

Only the privileged few, and even then, infrequently, witnessed his talents which way extended beyond just drawing.

For the first time in 2011, Xavier has allowed some of his emerging art to be showcased on Zazzle in ClearlyChosen & Family Zazzle store.

We all hope and expect to see more of Xavier's untutored but undeniably gifted talents.

His xav-Dragon iphone case has been featured at: "Most Awesome Cases" a few minutes after it was put into the market place.
(Thanks to the prolific Vicki Field from bigSPL at Zazzle)

Some of Xavier's first offerings now at Zazzle:

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