CCC001 - Harmony at Source

CCC001 - Harmony at Source

Clearly Creative Challenge - a Swarovski Color Challenge (closes 7 Nov 2010)

Welcome to the very first CCC! I am so excited. I hope you will be too if you are not already!

This first challenge is a Swarovski Color Challenge.

==> Cick to see/ buy the Clearly Chosen Challenge Pack V0007

Challenge Theme: Harmony at Source

Swarovski Color Theme

Twice per year and after much industry study, the expert teams at the research labs of Swarovski, produce trends predictions in color and fashion. These predictions are for the upcoming seasons. Each of these trend predictions are linked to a core focal inspiration. And under this umbrella, Swarovski normally has 5 sub-categories that reflect a certain mood and feeling which is defined by certain expertly combined color sets.

This color combination offered here is from Swarovski's Trends for Spring/Summer 2011/12. The umbrella theme was called "Water" and this sub-category reflects Harmony, specifically at the Source.

The feel is Harmonious, arising from Source which Swarovski defines as wisdom, goddess, agelessness, renaissance, and rejuvenation. Each of the links provided will give you more details.

Swarovski's interpretation of the mood and symbology is only here as Guidelines for you. You are not bound by them.

CCC1 Prizes

There are 2 prizes for the winner: digital banner which you can place at your sites and a full pack of Swarovski 5810 Light Gold Pearl, 4mm.

Banner Award For Your Site

CCC winning banner


Swarovski Light Gold Pearl

A Full Swarovski Factory Pack of ..

New Colour – Crystal Light Gold Pearl (001 539)

Offering understated elegance, the new Crystal Light Gold Pearl has an air of nostalgia, luxury and understated nostalgia and is perfectly on trend for the current catwalk directions toward revisiting the classics. It works beautifully in tone-on-tone combinations with other delicate crystal colours or Crystal Pearl colours and receives a modern update when teamed with metallic hues.

~ Swarovski ~

This is a brand new color that has just been released and is not readily available in all the shops yet. The winner will be getting a full, sealed Factory Pack - straight from Swaroski: 4mm, 500 pieces.


Challenge Specifications

Please familiarize yourself with general CCC Terms and Contitions

There are 6 colors to this Harmony at Source theme; 12 pieces per color. You can buy the pre-packaged pack (V0007) from my online store. Only One Pack per Person; the purchase of which indicates you are entering the CC Challenge. (As a precaution, if you purchase the pack and do not submit an entry, then you will not be able to enter [and get a chance at winning] the next challenge.)

You will be getting the following in the CCC001 pack:

  •  12x Crystal White Pearl (001 650), 4mm
  •  12x Crystal Light Grey Pearl (001 616), 4mm
  •  12x Crystal Powder Rose Pearl (001 352), 4mm
  •  12x Crystal Black Pearl (001 298), 4mm
  •  12x Air Blue Opal (285), 5328 4mm
  •  12x Provenance Lavender (283), 4mm

For this CCC1 challenge:

  • you must use all 6 colors, as per CCC001 pack; you do not have to use all the pieces
  • you can combine other beads, findings, materials
  • your entry can be jewelry, accessories, home decor, etc. No restrictions

Buying Period: Sunday 17 Oct - Sunday 24 Oct 2010

  • You can get the CCC001 pack - only ONE per person. Please do not buy the CCC001 pack unless you are entering this challenge. (Any remaining packs can also be bought after the buying period is over - and will not be for entering the CCC001 challenge.)
  • Limited availability: there are only 20 packs available; so first come, first served.

Challenge Closes: Sunday 7 November 2010

You must have submitted your photo(s) by Sunday 7 November 2010. So you have roughly 2-3 weeks to create. You can submit your photos anytime before then. All entries must be in by end of Sunday 7 November.

Voting Period: Monday-Friday, 8-12 November 2010

Almost everyone can vote. Voting will take place at CCC001 Entries page. You just need to sign in (to vote) with Google, Yahoo, or Twitter account. Tell your friends so they can vote for you. Only 1 vote per person.

Entries Publication and Voting

All accepted entries (photos, etc.) will be published on CCC001 Entries page at this site. The voting will take place at that page. Results of winner will be posted there as well. Winner will be contacted to obtain delivery details - so I can send you the prize!

Good Luck!

Please feel free to contact ClearlyChosen/me if you have any queries or suggestions. As this is the first challenge, it is likely that I might have overlooked something or if there are hiccups. I hope you will bear with me and together we can make these CC Challenges even more fun and rewarding.