Clearly Creative Challenges

Commence: 10 Oct 2010


This is a trial adventure that I hope some people will come along with me and in the process, have some fun, learn some things, and win some prizes.

Though I realize that this will evolve and change, I start this off with the intention of challenging participants in ways that are a bit different from most current challenges, that affords an opportunity for participants to have a purpose in using some beads and elements that they might otherwise not try, and to be able to do this without having to outlay heavy amounts of money. And last, but not least, to win some beautiful and useful prizes.


Prizes will vary from challenge to challenge.

I also hope to give an Award - a digital banner that the winner can display on their blog, sites, pages.

How Do I Know When There Is a CC Challenge?

I will announce each new challenge

Challenge Rules

  • Each challenge's specifications will be written up here.
  • If it requires specific items/packs to be bought from our store, due to stock limitation,each person can only buy 1 set for a challenge. Number of participants will be limited by number of available packs. Those specific items/packs can only be purchased for entry into the challenge.
  • If you purchase a pack for a current challenge and fail to submit an entry, then you will forfeit the chance to enter the next challenge and with it, the opportunity to win the next yummy prize.
  • Buying Period: 1 week (approximately)
  • Creation Period: you will have 2 weeks to create your entry
  • Participants: open to everyone, Australia and International
  • Number of Entries: 1 per person
  • Voting Period: 2-5 days. Anyone can vote. Winner will be the one who has the highest number of votes. In the case of a tie, or multiple ties, where possible, the prize will be divided up accordingly.
  • Items to be used: will be advised per challenge
  • Within challenge theme or specifications, you can make jewelry piece, accessory, interior decoration, clothing, ... there are no restrictions.

How To Submit Your Entry

When: you can submit your entry anytime up to closing date


  • photo of your entry. Maximum 2 photos.
  • Your Name (that you want shown with your entry)
  • short description re. your entry (optional)
  • a link to your preferred page/site/blog (optional)
  • Where:
    a) email your photo(s) to me at info(AT) or
    b) post to my Facebook business page's wall at: (of course, please leave comment to inform me that it is for a specific CCC entry). I will place them in an appropriately named album in my (page's) Photo Album.

    How to Vote

    All entries will be displayed here shortly after each submission. When the challenge closes, I will put up a the poll so that you can vote. Anyone can vote. One vote per person.

    I am not 100% sure how this Polling application will work as at today, 11 October 2010, I have yet to run the first challenge. So this method may change. You will be advised of changes as they occur.

    Terms & Conditions

    By entering the CCC (Clearly Creative Challenge), you agree that:

    By accepting your entry, I/ClearlyChosen (for both, Clearly Chosen Library and Clearly Chosen Store):

    • will include your name (or chosen alias) with your entries, if you do not advise otherwise
    • will include a link to your specified blog/site/page. This is for your benefit and is not required of you.

    Your Feedback on CC Challenge

    Your feedback and suggestions on how to improve this challenge would be gratefully accepted. Please be advised that the first few challenges are likely to have a few bumps as I have never run one of these before and have to learn more about the smooth running that is required to ensure everyone has a smooth experience. Please bear with me, have your say, have fun, and most of all Be Creative!