SWAR Music School

A Hindustani Classical Music School

SWAR Music School is a Hindustani Classical Music School that focuses on bringing alive our heritage and Indian Culture in its purest form.

Different cultures and races have left their mark on Indian music through several thousand years. Hindustani Classical Music is mainly comprised of improvisation and style that is unique to each individual singer. The written notations are only means for retaining the basic structure of the music. We prepare individuals to learn and support this intricate art for generations to come.

Classical music has been the  soul of our culture for many centuries and generations. With music we reach Nirvana and gain an indepth insight into our own selves.

With advanced techniques, our school brings to you the authentic music of India, in a easy and understandable format.

Swar Music school has been around for 12 years now and specializes in Hindustani Classical Vocal.

We offer lessons for all ages with flexible schedules. The focus is on getting the right knowledge and techniques to the students.

With experienced and accomplished teachers, with more than 19 years of music learning and 15 years of teaching, we bring you the experts to learn from.

We are conveniently situated in the greater Princeton Area, NJ.

Please contact us to learn more about us.
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Voice Training Class on Dec 27th 2015

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