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Myself, Swapnil Kumar Raktale, am currently working with the Systems Group at NEC in UK. I am basically into mobile communication [LTE/UMTS/3G] systems analysis and radio interface protocol software development. I am a IIT Delhi [Dec 2000] passout, where I completed my Masters @ the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering.

I come from a strategically important city called Jabalpur, in India. Apart for its importance from the defense point-of-view, the city hosts scenic places with lots of tourist spots in the vicinity, the most famous being the 'Dhooandhar' waterfall on river Narmada and the 'Marble Rocks'.

As far as my career goes, I am totally involved in mobile telecommunications. Its a domain where there are a lots of opportunities to work in cutting edge technology, and I love my work very very much!!

Outside of work, I am passionate about travel, sports, physics and music. I try to keep in touch with Particle Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology, which are indeed my childhood sweethearts! I am also trying to learn music but am in a very initial stage.

I try to keep in shape by visiting my Gym and play badminton/table-tennis sometimes. I also swim and am learning to Ski.

As a traveller, I have visited a couple of countries including the USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Finland, France and Spain. You can find some snaps in the Photos section. 

Needless to say, I love my India the most!