Roles and Responsibilities


    A Male Swan and a Female Swan with the highest Social Credits in the previous year are nominated as the KING SWAN and QUEEN SWAN respectively.  

(a)   The KING SWAN and QUEEN SWAN of a SWANS LAKE will divide all the SWANS Flocks in the LAKE among themselves and do a qualitative assessment of their work every 3 months. The assessment is required to be qualitative, keeping in view the assessment parameters plus impact of the work. The assessment will be submitted to the LAKE COUNCIL. The frequency of the assessment report will depend upon the number of SWANS Flocks as follows:

i.      Up to 10 Flocks - Bimonthly

ii.     11 – 25 Flocks - Quarterly

iii.   26 – 50 Flocks - Six monthly

iv.   51 Flocks and more - Yearly

(b)  The KING SWAN and Queen Swan, if they wish can also be a part of any SWANS FLOCK(s) as per their area of interest. Both the King Swan and Queen Swan cannot be a part of the same Swans Flock. In such case where the King Swan is part of a Flock, the qualitative assessment of the Flock and the regular assessment of the Flock Leader will be done by the Queen Swan and vice-versa. However, as a Flock member, the King Swan and Queen Swan will have the duties and responsibilities of a regular Swan in the Flock and will be assessed accordingly for that work.

(c)   Based on the new interest areas of Swans, the King Swan and Queen Swan will search new Swans Groves and associate them with SWANS if they match the selection parameters.

(d)  Based on the new interest areas of Swans and the new needs of the Swans Groves, the King Swan and Queen Swan will circulate the Flock requirements among all Swans and form the new Flocks with the interested Swans, such that the new needs of the Swans Groves are fulfilled and the work of the earlier Swans Flocks are not affected.

(e)   The King Swan and Queen Swan will be the final authority for allowing change of Flock request by a Swan.

(f)   The King Swan and Queen Swan will be assessed by the Flock Leaders of all Swans Flocks and the Lake Council members. If the King Swan and Queen Swan are engaged with some flock, their assessment as a regular swan will also be taken into account.

(g)   The King Swan and Queen Swan will be authorized to give the SWANS Membership form to Cygnets directly or through the Flock Leader and orient them about their responsibilities as a Swan.

(h)  Receive complaints, suggestions, and grievances of any Swans/Cygnet and coordinate solutions for the same. (To be handled by King and Queen through a separate Email Id).



     This Flock is formed by the Lake Council for record keeping and also to handle the finance. The various functions performed by this Flock are as follows:

(a)   To respond to all Cygnet registrations and slot them for Orientation through email and sms.

(b)   Organize Orientation sessions for Cygnets with Senior Swans. Share with the Cygnets the ‘Code of Conduct’ and list of Flocks with Flock Leaders.

(c)   To complete the record of every Cygnet and Swan including their work and social credits (feathers) details.

(d)   To issue Swans and Cygnets their Swans ID and Participation ID respectively  within 15 days of their applying for the same and assessment thereof (in case of Cygnets).

(e)   To allot Flocks to the Cygnets and the Swans in accordance with the associated Flock leader and the Lake Council.

(f)    To collect and maintain the assessments of every Swan and forward them to the Lake Council for awarding Social Credits (Feathers). In case of a Swan working in multiple Flocks compile the assessments of all concerned flocks and forward the same to the Lake Council.

(g)   To distribute the membership fees into proper ratios as mentioned in the charter, on a monthly basis to the respective Flock Leaders, and monitor its utilisation.

(h)   To forward a fortnightly letter to PR Flock (Public Relations Flock) giving information about newly added Cygnets & Swans telling their area of interest and their Flock. Also give daily updates on the change of contact details of any Swan or Cygnet (if asked).

(i)    To keep a track on the expenditure of each Flock and report to the Lake Council in case of any discrepancy or suspicion.

(j)    Ask for the requirement of the grooves or Flock through the Lake Council or PR Flock for the purpose of record keeping and this report will also help the Flock to assign Flocks to the Cygnets.

(k)   Prepare a quarterly financial report and submit it to Lake Council.

(l)    To keep and maintain records of any queries, complaint, suggestions and grievances given by any Swan or Cygnet through PR Flock.

(m) The division of the revenues will be on the basis of ratios as stated in the Charter. If a Swan is a member of more than one Flock his/her contribution shall be divided equally among the Flocks of which he is a member.



        The basic function of the Flock is

                (a)   To act as a Liasion office, collection and distribution centre of information via reports, newsletters, guidelines etc for all Swans, Cygnets, Flocks, Nests, Groves and Council.

                (b)  Receive and respond to Queries by Swans, Cygnets and Public.

                (c)   Distribute reports or newsletter to all the Swan or Cygnets as asked by the forwarding body.

                (d)  To ask for the daily updates on the change in any contact detail of any Swan or Cygnet.

                (e)   To Contact Corporates and Organisations for recognition of Social Credits.

                (f)   To contact institutes and organisations for introducing SWANS and forming SWANS NESTS.

                (g)   To contact potential Groves for project and forward them to the Lake Council through a report.

                (h)  To circulate information about any newly introduced Groves or Projects to the Swans and ask for feedback.

                (i)    Send Contact details of the Flock members to the respective Flock Leaders.

                (j)    Prepare and disseminate a six monthly E-Newsletter signed by the Lake Council.

                (k)  Selection of members in the PR Flock will be done on the basis of presentations given by them about their existing Flocks.



        A Nest shall be a collection of all the Swans in a common organization or institution. The functions of Nest Council are as follows:

                (a)  To maintain a list of the Swans & Cygnets along with their Social Credits (Feathers) and details of their Flocks.

                (b)   Arrange a meeting at least bi-monthly with all Swans in that particular nest to share experiences and learning.

                (c)   The Council can register new Cygnets and send their details to the Administrative Flock immediately.

              (d)   Issue a quarterly newsletter and forward it to PR Flock for further distribution to all the Swans of the Flock as well as to Admin Flock for record keeping.

                (e)  Send a quarterly report on details of its expenditure to the Admin Flock.

              (f)    The Nest leader (Swan with the highest social credits in the previous year) will do motivational work and he/she is also responsible for coordination between the Flocks and the Swans in his/her nest.


In every Flock the Swan with the highest number of social credits shall become the Flock Leader. The responsibilities of the Flock Leader will be as follows:

(a)   Every Flock Leader shall arrange a meeting every month with his/her Flock members and also allocate and distribute work to the members according to their timings.

(b)   Every Flock Leader shall be supplied with the contact details of the Flock members by the PR Flock.

(c)   Flock Leader shall explain the nature of work, code of conduct and other necessary information regarding the working of the Flock to its members.

(d)   A Flock has to hold meetings atleast once in a month for a discussion of the progress of the project undertaken, expenditure/finances as well as for taking views and suggestions of the Flock members. 

(e)   Flock Leader has to submit a report of the meeting to the PR Flock which would highlight the views and advice of the members, the Flock's expenditure details and also the progress of the Flock.

(f)    When any Swan/Cygnet wants to join a flock, the Flock Leader should get a background check about the previous performance and conduct of the interested Swan/Cygnet from the Admin Flock (through email), before allowing him/her into the flock.

(g)   Flock Leader will make a Monthly timetable of his/her flock members and submit it to the NGO, PRF, King and Queen and also circulate to the flock members.

(h)   The Flock Leader has to keep a track of the work done by the Flock members and the number of working days attended by each member, through an Attendance sheet maintained by himself or NGO Coordinator.

(i)    The Flock Leader will compile all attendance sheets in the assessment format every month and submit to the Admin Flock, King & Queen. BY 5 OF NEXT MONTH

(j)    The Flock Leader will take note of absentee (without info) flock members and suggest removal of their names after 3 chances to the King and Queen.

(k)   The Flock Leader will coordinate peer assessment of every flock member every quarter, and submit it to the Admin Flock.

(l)    The Flock Leader will coordinate NGO assessment of every flock member every quarter and submit it to the Admin Flock.

(m) In a situation where a Flock Leader leaves a Flock(after the minimum period prescribed i.e. 2 calendar months) the SWAN with the next highest social credits shall be deemed to be the Flock Leader.

(n)   If any Swan or a Cygnet wants to get inducted to a Flock, the Flock Leader based on his assessment of that Swan or Cygnet, shall reserve the right to allow or reject his/her induction.

(o)   The Flock Leader should attend all monthly meetings of the Lake Council and update them with their developments, needs and challenges.

(p)  The Flock Leader will be assessed by the King and Queen Swan, Head of the Swans Grove (NGO) and all Flock members.

(q)   The Flock Leader will keep a check on the time left for a Cygnet to complete his/her internship and inform the same to the Cygnet.

(r)    It will be the responsibility of the Flock Leader to submit the Monthly Assessment, Meeting minutes and Timetable to the King and Queen and respective flocks, and attend all monthly meetings of the Lake Council, failing which the King and Queen can take necessary action.


A Flock shall be a group of Swans and Cygnets who are like minded and have common areas of interest and who want to work on a common object and cause.

The responsibilities of a Flock Member shall be as follows:

(a)   As a flock member, the Swan/Cygnet should keep his/her commitment to the work assigned by the Flock Leader.

(b)   If the flock member cannot be present on the day allotted to him/her, then he/she will have to inform the flock leader at least a day before.

(c)   In case the flock member does not inform the Flock Leader about his/her absence on 2 occasions, the King and Queen on recommendation of the Flock Leader will reserve the right to take action on the Swan.

(d)   The Flock member will be assessed by the Flock Leader, Flock members, and Head of the Swans Grove.


·   You will be required to do an internship of 15 actual working hours (commuting time not included) within 45 days of your online registration.

·     You will get to choose a Swans Flock (working group) for your internship.

·     Please attend the orientation session and select a Flock.

·     Your Flock Leader, will discuss with you & decide an activity for your internship.

·     An anonymous Black Swan will be attached to you, who will observe your behavioral aspects and team-work during your internship.

·     Your Flock Leader will maintain your working hours record during your internship.

·     After your internship period is over, you would require to do a self-assessment of your work and submit the same to your Flock Leader.

·   Your Flock Leader will assess your work during internship and submit their recommendation (within 2 days of receiving your self assessment), to the King/Queen.

·      The King/Queen will also take an assessment of your behavioral aspects from the attached Black Swan.

·      Based on these two assessments, the King and Queen if they deem fit, will recommend you for the status of SWAN, and will hand over a form to you (within 2 days of receiving the Flock Leader’s assessment) OR will inform you the reasons behind not being able to graduate you as Swan, and give suggestions.

·       No certificate or social credits will be given for the period of internship. Also, participating in events will not be considered in the internship.

·    In case you do not complete 15 hours within the stipulated 45 days, you would be required to contribute 15 more hours within the next 45 days. However genuine reasons of illness or any emergency will be considered.