SWANS is a flat organization comprising of youth of all ages. School students, College students, Research scholars, Professionals, Businessmen, Homemakers, Teachers, Senior citizens, etc are all part of it. Seniority in SWANS doesn't go by age, but by period of involvement, commitment, social contribution, and leadership traits. And that is signified by the Social Credits received by a Swan (Volunteer). While many join SWANS, only those with grit, determination, humility, willing to learn and share, and commitment, complete the 15 hour internship successfully. Today, Swans are making a mark for themselves, wherever they are, because of the qualities that they have imbibed working with SWANS. While the employed ones are making their employers proud and themselves indispensable, the entrepreneurs have adopted socially responsible approaches in their work, and have high employee retention in their organizations. Some have walked the road to Social Entrepreneurship too. 

Please click on the links below to see the list of Swans (permanent members) and Cygnets (members in the making):