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MINUTES OF MEETING (21 March, 2010)

Attendees: Manisha Garg, Narendra Sharma, Vanshika Shrivastava, Abhinav, Shibani Ghosh, Pradeep Ghosh.  
  • The first Museum School Class was held on Saturday i.e. March 27, 2010 at 3 pm - 5 pm Nehru Science CenterWorli, with Akansha children.
  • The next Museum School Class would be held on the coming Saturday i.e. March 27, 2010 at 3 pm - 5 pm Nehru Science CenterWorli
  • We will need a force of atleast 4 (four) volunteers at each class. However, it would be great if all of us could join in for the initial classes as it would help us in getting familiar with the museum officials, exhibits and most importantly the children.
  • This Saturday the volunteers who have confirmed their presence are- Abhinav, Vanshika, and I. Request you all to join us if you do not have any other engagements on 27th. 
  • We will have to prepare an exhaustive list of the museum exhibits and then matching of the list with the curriculum shared by Pradeep Sir. - Some of us will meet at the Science Center on Saturday (at around 1 pm) for this activity. Narendra and Manisha Sharma will do the same on Sunday for the exhibits which we will not be able to cover on Saturday. Please find attached herewith the detailed curriculum for The Museum School. Request you to keep the confidentiality of this curriculum  
  • Pradeep sir would share with us the formats for taking attendance and also the format for capturing the volunteer details and exhibits taught (also in what manner). Later after a couple of classes, Shibani Mam would guide us in assessing the knowledge of children and then dividing them into groups.
  • I will speak to Sampada/Donali (Teachers of Akanksha Center) regarding our responsibility towards the children, for getting them from their Akanksha center to science center. Also, we will need to ask the children their willingness to have the class on Sundays as we will have more volunteers available on Sundays.
  • Please find attached herewith an excel sheet containing contact numbers of all the volunteers to help easily contactability.
  • You all may speak to your friends and colleagues who might be interested to volunteer and join us for this great cause.

AGENDA OF MEETING (28 November, 2009)

Pradeep Sir would explain us on how to approach an NGO for its need assessment. By and large the next meeting would be to update and assess our progress on the plans and actionables aimed at in the previous meeting and to decide the future course of action accordingly.

MINUTES OF MEETING (21 November, 2009)
Attendees: Narendra Sharma, Anushree Chaure, S Sriram Iyer, Rohit Keskar and Manisha Garg.  

The group discussed on the agenda as follows:

  1. It was decided to first plan and increase the strength of the SWANs in Mumbai.
  2. It was also decided to build a database of all existing credible NGOs (geographical area wise) and projects which can be undertaken as SWANs groves.
  3. All the attendees would make their own organizations and colleagues (CSR aspect) aware of SWANs.

Action Plan

Narendra: ( Till 30th November)

1.     Make a list of all colleges. Then identify some colleges and their social service departments or cells. Fetch the contacts of the concerned persons.

2.       Circulate the data to all of us to be used subsequently to approach the colleges for orientation programme.

3.       To update the Orkut SWANs community about Mumbai swans meeting.

4.       To contact his own CSR department and make them aware of SWANs



  1. To help Narendra in preparing the colleges list. Then, contacting the respective departments and taking appointments.
  2. To contact her own CSR department and make them aware of SWANs

Manisha: (Till 28th November)

  1. Identifying NGOs (area wise) and compile information about them
  2. To share the important documents of SWANs like the Charter and PPTs meant for CSR and Individuals.
  3. To share the letter format (prepared for taking appointments in colleges) with Narendra and Anushree.