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MINUTES OF MEETING (18 July, 2010)

Agenda : 1. To identify an approach for Beneficiaries' Assessment.
               2.  Finalising the Curriculum.
               3. Volunteers Co-ordination & Management

Volunteers Present : Priyananda Singh, Priyanjana Sinha, Priyarupa Sinha, Ishita , Amit Singh, Vinit, Saurav, Prasad Rao and Nimish.

The meeting was held an hour before the Museum Class. The volunteers gathered at the NMNH at 1:30 and discussed the agenda items. 

In respect of Agenda Item Nos. 1 & 2 it was decided that the assessment of the Beneficiaries be done on certain parameters, and then based upon the assessment beneficiaries will be grouped in two or three groups, and then the curriculum will be framed separately for each of the groups. The assessment parameters suggested by the volunteers were reading, writing, speaking, comprehending English and Hindi language, Mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and tables), Science (everyday science, body parts & environment) and logical aptitude & I.Q.

In respect of Agenda Item No. 1 it was also decided that for documentation of the progress of the beneficiaries a separate file should be maintained for each of them wherein topics/things taught to the beneficiary in every class should be recorded on regular basis.

In respect of Agenda item 3 it was decided the volunteers be divided into two groups namely “Group A” and “Group B”, each group to have 2 coordinators and rest volunteers. “Group A” to come to museum on first and second Sundays and “Group B” to come on third and fourth Sundays. Volunteers are free to come on the Fifth Sunday or on the Sundays not covered by their Group. The Coordinators will ensure the presence/ availability of minimum four volunteers for every class. As per the confirmations received from the volunteers so far, the groups have been constituted as follows:

“Group A” : Prasad & Mukesh (Co-ordinators), Manisha Bansal, Namrita Raghuwanshi.

“Group B” : Nimish Raja & Darshan Kakkad (Co-ordinators), Manisha Kakkad.

Those who are yet to confirm their groups may do so by the end of this week, as we are planning to follow the system from August 2010.

Our new volunteers are requested to fill the participation form. Also those who have not filled it so far may please do so as we need to make volunteers' ids. The link to the participation form is

And also please also join the SWANS Delhi google group. (swans-delhi@googlegroups.com)

It has also been suggested by Ishita that we need to make special efforts for improving the literacy (specially English) of the kids.
For this purpose college students (volunteers) can take out time on weekdays. You all are requested to make suggestions. If it is
convenient for the such volunteers we can start a new activity on weekdays for teaching those kids. Please give your suggestions.

MINUTES OF MEETING (22 January, 2010)

ATTENDEES:   Monika Walia, Saziya, Deepankar Bhargav and Nimish Raja.


The group discussed on the agenda as follows: 

  1. Nimish explained the Museum School’s modus operandi in Bhopal, and shared his experience of volunteering for Parvarish. Deepankar also shared his Parvarish experience.
  2. Nimish also gave the details of the work so far done for launching of the Museum School in Delhi.
  3. Various possible models of Museum School in Delhi, considering the factors like distance etc, were discussed.
  4. It was decided that the assigning of tasks would be done in the next meeting however the volunteers can start working for the tasks.
  5. The next meeting would be held on 30th Jan. 2010 at 4:00PM the same Venue ie. Nehru Museum & Nehru Library.
  6. Broad categories of tasks for the project were identified. The tasks are:



Sub tasks

Person Responsible*

Points of learning#



Identifying funders



Contacting corporate


Decide an approach of contacting.

Contacting NGOs


Proposal writing

Nimish, Monika


Talking to Museums

Develop letter for the authorities, attached with the concept note

Shazia ,Nimish

Get details from Pradeep on the current status, contact details of whom we had contacted earlier


Understanding beneficiaries



To being with a group of 15- 20 children


Volunteers’ management

Contact B – Ed colleges, Other colleges, organizations working on volunteerism  & individuals




Curriculum design



This depends on the museums that we tie up with, Discuss with Shibani & Pradeep


Training of volunteers







MINUTES OF MEETING (22 November, 2009)

ATTENDEES:   Nimish Raja (SWANS), Shantanoo Saxena (SWANS), Pallavi Kaushal (YP Foundation).


The group discussed on the agenda as follows: 

  1. An overview of YP Foundation and a brief introduction about her role as the Volunteers Co-ordinator was given by Pallavi.
  2. Overview of SWANS structure, modus and a detailed presentation was given by Nimish and Shantanoo.
  3. Pallavi made some queries regarding the evaluation pattern of volunteers, to which SWANS illustrated The Museum School project. They explained her the evaluation methodology and the process of collecting feedback from the beneficiaries, which differs from project to project.
  4. Role of project co-ordinators and flock leaders was explained to Pallavi.
  5. Pallavi appreciated the Volunteers Management System of SWANS and expressed her willingness to integrate it in her system.
  6. Pallavi expressed concern over possibilities of YP volunteer shifting to other Organisations upon their becoming SWANS, and upon their leaving YP and Delhi. SWANS clarified to her the generic nature of the SWANS members and told her the Bhopal Lake’s experience, where SWANS members even after leaving Bhopal still continue to do same kind of activities, and have taken SWANS to cities like Mumbai, Delhietc., ie.  Wherever they go.
  7. She expressed her liking in getting associated with SWANS but before giving any assurance she needs to discuss it with YP members. She told SWANS that the 4 Phase Review Process of YP is underway, may be around Jan.2010 when the 3rd Phase will start, YP will be able to integrate it.
  8. She also told SWANS that most of the YP volunteers seek for some referrals or recommendations for admission to elite institutes like TISS. To this, she offered a list of such Institutes so that SWANS can discuss “Social Credit” concept and ask them to recognize it.