There are more than 1100 youth (Swans) all over India, doing social good together, and serve deprived sections of our society, in many ways. If you too wish to join them, and become a part of the growing SWANS Community, then click on the Link below:

List of existing SWANS, CYGNETS & MENTORS

For individuals: Please take a look at the 'Guidelines for New Members' at the bottom of this page, before clicking:                




  • You will be required to do an internship of 15 actual working hours (commuting time not included) within 45 days of your online registration.
  • You will get to choose a Swans Flock (working group) for your internship.
  • Please attend the orientation session and select a Flock. 
  • Your Flock Leader, will discuss with you & decide an activity for your internship.
  • An anonymous Black Swan will be attached to you, who will observe your behavioral aspects and team-work during your internship.
  • Your Flock Leader will maintain your working hours record during your internship.
  • After your internship period is over, you would require to do a self-assessment of your work and submit the same to your Flock Leader.
  • Your Flock Leader will assess your work during internship and submit their recommendation (within 2 days of receiving your self assessment), to the King/Queen.
  • The King/Queen will also take an assessment of your behavioral aspects from the attached Black Swan.
  • Based on these two assessments, the King and Queen if they deem fit, will recommend you for the status of SWAN, and will hand over a form to you (within 2 days of receiving the Flock Leader’s assessment) OR will inform you the reasons behind not being able to graduate you as Swan, and give suggestions.
  • You would be required to fill in the form and submit it within one month of your assessment / receiving the form (whichever is later), failing which you would be required to go through the internship period again. However genuine reasons of illness or any emergency will be considered.
  • Please attach 2 recent passport photographs and the annual contribution (Rs 200/-) with the form.
  • The decision of the King, Queen and Executive Body, on your form will be final and binding. In case your form is not approved, your photographs and Membership fees will be returned immediately.
  • The date of submission of your form will be considered as the date of your becoming a Swan. You will receive a SWANS ID card with a unique ID Number within 1 week of your form submission date.
  • Please note that no certificate or social credits will be given for the period of internship. Also, participating in events will not be considered in the internship.
  • In case you do not complete 15 hours within the stipulated 45 days, you would be required to contribute 15 more hours within the next 45 days. However genuine reasons of illness or any emergency will be considered.

SWANS is a flat organization, where everyone irrespective of age, qualification or experience has the same status, and respect. Everyone’s word is honored. A Swan’s commitment to society becomes the group’s commitment. Teamwork and commitment to the cause and work is given highest importance.  We therefore expect you to give your best for the benefit of society, without any vested interests and maintain the integrity and sanctity of the group.

If you wish to start a City Chapter (SWANS LAKE) in your city, please write / email us with your contact details.

Swans Neb,
Apr 14, 2009, 2:21 PM