Student Activities Resume



The development of your student resume is an important step in planning for your future.  You will use your student resume for many pursuits, including, but not limited to:  after-school and summer employment, volunteer work, job shadowing and internships, college applications, and scholarship applications.  Your coun­selor, teachers, and other adults may use your resume (during your senior year) to write recommendations and to help you with the scholarship process. 


Resume Do’s and Don’ts



Be concise, accurate, positive

Lie or exaggerate

List your most recent activities or job first

Include salary history or expectations

Stress skills and accomplishment

Use pronouns, abbreviations

Research and use key words

Overdo the use of bold and italics

Make the resume attractive to read

Use small type or overcrowd margin

Have someone proofread before submitting

Include references



Resume writing Tips


Why do I need a Resume?


  • It provides a clear breakdown of high school activities for college admissions representatives and can be included with your application.
  • Offers recommendation writers a review of your accomplishments


What do I include?


  • Awards and honors
  • Extracurricular activities (those through schools such as National Honor Society, Newspaper, Science Honor Society)
  • Sports
  • Community Services
  • Work Experience


What order do I put activities in and what format should I use?


  • Enter activities form most recent to least recent
  • Do not include middle school
  • Indicate if you have held an office position or elected position
  • Community Service is by school year (2009,2010)


Overall Tips


  • Use Times Roman or Arial Font
  • Use 12 point size, no smaller than 9
  • Use professional looking bullets (not hearts, stars)
  • Spell out acronyms (NHS= National Honor Society)
  • Make Headings in bold
  • Keep it to 1 page if possible




                                                                     Jane Ellen Doe                                                         

                                                                                         1212 My Street                                                                      

                                                                   Swansboro, NC 28584                                                                       



Objective: To obtain admission into University of North Carolina – Wilmington.


Education:     Swansboro High School (9-12)

                        GPA:               4.3 weighted

                                                3.8 unweighted

Rank:               13/ 210


Awards and Honors:

¨      North Carolina Scholar (12)

¨      SAT Scholar (12)

¨      National Honor Society  (11-12)

¨      Latin Honor Society (11-12)

¨      State Championship Soccer (10-11)

¨      A Honor Roll (10-11)

¨      Most Improved Swimmer (9)

¨      All County Band (9)


Extracurricular Activities:

¨      Spanish (11-12)

¨      Student Government (11-12)

Junior Class  Prom Committee Chair

Senior Class Vice President

¨      Interact Club (11-12) 

Vice President (11)

¨      Academic Derby (9-12)


Athletic Participation:

¨      Varsity Swim Team  (9-12)


Community Service:

¨      Hearts Desire Equine Rescue (2009)

¨      Swansboro Baptist Church Youth Group (2009)

¨      Possumwood Acres (2008)

¨      Boys and Girls Club (2008)



¨      YMCA Camp Seafarer

Camp Counselor (summer 2009)