When fools cast taunts at your gate, your scorn ye shall somewhat abate, as ye look o’er the wall, for your conscience, tradition and name, explode with a deadlier blame than the worst of them all. This is the curse. Source: A curse for a nation by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Teach not thy lip such scorn, for it was made for kissing, lady, not for such contempt. Shakespeare

How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge? K.J.B 

Everything can be borne except contempt. Voltaire

A person gets from a symbol the meaning he puts into it, and what is one man’s comfort and inspiration is another’s jest and scorn. Justice Robert Jackson.

After having listed some of his wife Syria’s virtues, Somerset Maugham proceeded to describe her flaws: “She is not only a liar, she is a mythomaniac.  She will hesitate at nothing and dishonesty to get what she wants. She is a snob, she is vindictive, jealous and envious, she’s a quarrelsome bully, and she’s vain, vulgar and ostentatious. There is real badness in her.  From the Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham by Selina Hastings

Biographer Carl Toms voices his scorn for Latoya Jackson in the following statement: “Credibility is not her strong suit, if indeed she has one.” Source: Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons by Carl Toms.

This only grant me, that my means may lie, too low for envy, for contempt to high. Abraham Cowley

The eyebrows form but a small part of the face, and yet they can darken the whole of life by the scorn they express. Demetrius

Content may dwell in all stations. To be low but above contempt may be high enough to be happy. Thomas Browne

He, who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice. Einstein

The way to close the mouth of a slanderer is to treat him with contempt. Proverb

When my mother makes out her income tax return every year, under occupation she writes, eroding my daughter’s self-esteem. Robin Roberts

For both parties in a controversy, the most disagreeable way of retaliating is to be vexed and silent; for the aggressor usually regards the silence as a sign of contempt. Nietzsche

To his ex-wife in court, he said “I lost interest in you when the Botox lost its effect and you looked like a plastic doll that escaped from a fire. Peter R. Jackson

The most unequivocal sign of contempt for man is to regard everybody merely as a means to one's own ends, or of no account whatever. Nietzsche

It would hurt my feelings if I respected your opinions. Simon Cowell

Early on, Lynda Bellingham, chosen by her supervisor in a jam factory to bottle gooseberries for the queen, recounts: “I was bottling away when I noticed one of my fellow workers spitting into the jars. I asked her what on earth she was doing. … “I hate royalty,” came the reply. “I spit on royalty.”  From the Lost and Found by Lynda Bellingham

Man is more sensitive to the contempt of others than to self-contempt. Nietzsche

Moral contempt is a far greater indignity and insult than any kind of crime. Nietzsche

The higher culture an individual attains, the less field there is left for mockery and scorn. Nietzsche

Anecdote: So profound was the influxes of Dr. Samuel Johnson upon his era, that the time during which he lived and wrote is often dubbed “the Johnsonian age”. Whilst capable of deep kindness, Dr. Johnson could also show pointless ruthlessness. Thus, at a dinner party one evening, he noticed a small hole in the tablecloth. Slowly but steadily, Dr. Johnson rendered the hole even wider and wider, until the tablecloth lay in near shambles, humiliating his hostess. Source: The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell.

Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn. George Bernard Shaw

There is a time when the word “eventually” has the soothing effect of a promise, and a time when the word evokes in us bitterness and scorn. Eric Hoffer

If you don't want to see the biggest fool in your life; break your bedroom mirror. Sharon Osborn 

Wrongs are often forgiven; contempt never. Lord Chesterfield

A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke. Rudyard Kipling

In his autobiography, Ernest Borgnine relates, regarding his fellow actor Lee Marvin: He and I were standing near a wall talking when a crew member went by from our work and said, “I wonder what two Academy award winners have to say to each other.” Without missing a beat, Lee looked up and said, “ You'll never know” and went right on talking. The autobiography by Ernest Borgnine

Naomi Campbell to Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice): “Why on earth would anyone call you Posh?” Victoria Beckham: “Why on earth would anyone call you beautiful?”  Source: Learning to Fly by Victoria Beckham.

A nurse, training during the 1930 recounts an introductory talk given by a ward sister as to the infuriating way patients had of doing all the wrong things at the wrong times. “Why,” she said, “Somebody actually collapsed in the middle of us giving out the dinners the other day. It was most inconvenient. He just had to wait until I gave out the puddings, and of course by that time he was dead. Stupid man. … After all, if we make them too comfortable, they never will want to go home, will they?” From the Nurse in Time by Evelyn Prentis

Only your mother could find you attractive, and only your mother could love you. Joan Monroe

Anger makes a rich man hated and a poor man scorned. Thomas Fuller

Is Britain becoming more misogynistic? Let’s ask this bitch. Frankie Boyle

When I first saw you I thought you were going to bark. John Kane

I bet when you were a baby your first word was a croak. Grace Flynn

There is advantage in having a small mind. You can change it without hindering the advancement of mankind. Philippe Whitley   

If ever a man and his wife, or a man and his mistress, who pass nights as well as days together, absolutely lay aside all good-breeding, their intimacy will soon degenerate into course familiarity, infallibly productive of contempt or disgust. Lord Chesterfield 

I think about you when I eat a deep-pan pizza. It comes wrapped in plastic, it’s cheap, has a high fat content, smells of cheese, and dribbles over the edge. Brett Clark

I thought about kissing you goodbye, but why would I want to add another bad memory. Larry Payne

When I first saw you I wondered where you parked your broomstick. Peter H. Smith

Good people change the world; why are you here? Mark White

The giving of precise scrutiny is often interpreted as sarcasm by those who cannot benefit from it. Hal Morgan

In 1916, Charles Osborne, warden of Sing Sing Prison, wrote to then Governor Whitman in his letter of resignation: “I do so wish to influence the future, so far as I may, to the end that no man so weak as yourself, so shifty, so selfish, so false, so cruel, may be trusted with further power”

You float on water because your head is made of wood. Paul Agate

Sweetheart; something reminds me of you every day. Today it was my phone-bill. Anon

Although still viewed as lovely and alluring by many, Winston Churchill’s mother shocked society when at 46 she married a man 20 years her junior. Most malicious of the many jibes launched at her was that of one lady who went about peering into perambulators. When asked her reason, she replied, “I am searching for my future husband.” Source: American Jennie by Anne Sebba 

Contempt; the feeling of a prudent man for an enemy who is too formidable safely to be opposed. Ambrose Bierce

After starring in the film Julia, based on Lillian Hellman’s memoir, Fonda seems to have had a major falling-out. This was indicated by Ms. Fonda’s stating regarding Ms. Hellman during a TV interview, “She is a homely, ugly woman, but she thinks she is Marilyn Monroe.

I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it. Mark Twain

Familiarity breeds contempt - and children. Mark Twain

American president Calvin Coolidge was targeted by the wit of two well-known women. Although she denied it, the often waspish Alice Roosevelt Longworth is believed to have said, “He looks as if he was weaned on a pickle. The equally snide Dorothy Parker, upon hearing Coolidge had died, quipped, “How could they tell?”

To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself. Einstein

In his autobiography, actor Robert Wagner reports an incident with movie director John Ford. (For some while, Ford had called Wagner “Boob” rather than Bob, in a demeaning manner.) Early in his career, at a meeting with Ford, Ford asked if Wagner would like to play a particular role in an upcoming film. When he said “yes”, Ford immediately informed him another actor had been chosen. Aware any argument would prove futile; Wagner thanked Ford for his time, and then stood up to leave. Just as he reached the door, Ford asked, “Boob, do you really want to play this part?” When Wagner said how much he would like to, Ford replied, “Well, you're still not going to”. Quote source: Pieces of my Heart: a Life by Robert Wagner.

Thank you for your input; I can tell you are struggling towards being interesting. Stephen Fry

This is a super masticated subject, and it is time to spit it out. Boris Johnson

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. William Congreve 

Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee; rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee. Bible

Of all the grief’s that harass the distressed; sure the most bitter is a scornful jest. Samuel Johnson

When Clark Gable, MGM’s most popular and famous leading man asked for a percentage of the profits from his films, he was flatly refused. A top executive was reported to have said, He’s nobody. We took him from nobody. We lavished him with lessons and publicity and now he’s the most desired man in the world. Who taught him how to walk? We straightened his teeth and capped them into that smile. We taught this dumb cluck how to depict great emotions, and now he wants a piece of the action? Never! Source: The Star Machine by Jeanine Basinger

They that reverence to much old times are but a scorn to the new. Francis Bacon

Though we were princes and brought up as princes, there was never any room in our hearts for the spirit of caste, that vain, absurd egoism which makes one scorn all those who are not nobly born. Princess Mathilde De Montfort

One reviewer said of the actor Paul Newman as “the poor man’s Marlon Brando” Source: Paul Newman: A Life by Shawn Levy

Father was a good driver and enjoyed driving, but the sight of a female in charge of a vehicle was sometimes too much for him. If a car came to close or made the smallest mistake with the rules of the road he shouted, “blasted woman driver”, to which my mother was often able to say, with truth, “Funny thing, she’s dressed as a man.” Quote from: Wait for Me by Deborah Duchess of Devonshire

I have not the capability to give you my loyalty, nor do I have the vanity to appear as if I did. Nietzsche 

I would like to say it was a pleasure receiving your services, but I am not a liar. Jerome Castlema

Henry James wrote of one of Louisa May Alcott’s novels, the two most striking facts with regard to moods are the author’s ignorance of human nature and her self-confidence in spite of this ignorance.

All cruel people describe themselves as paragons of frankness. Tennessee Williams

Some years after her death, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote of Margaret Fuller: “She was a great humbug, but she had stuffed herself full of borrowed qualities which she chose to provide herself with, which had no root in her. It was such an awful joke that she should have resolved, in all sincerity no-doubt, to be the greatest, wisest woman of the age.

Always scorn appearances and you always may. Emerson

Straightforwardness, without the rules of propriety, becomes rudeness. Confucius

American author Mark Twain, while viewed as liberal and non-judgmental, did at times demonstrate both these characteristics. While his reasons for detesting the Christian faith are unclear, they seem to have been profound and deep-rooted. Having lambasted the founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, in a later quote he referred to the Book of Mormon as “chloroform in print.” Quote source: Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens.

There are far fewer ungrateful men than we believe, for there are far fewer generous men than we think.  Unknown

There is no idea, no fact, which could not be vulgarized and presented in a ludicrous light. Dostoevsky 

What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Oscar Wilde

In her autobiography, actress Patricia Neale recounts the love and fortitude of her husband, Roald Dahl, during her long recovery from a stroke. Later however his joy in their marriage seemed to wane. Later, when Dahl was in a hospital, Patricia brought him a bunch of grapes. Walking to the window, he opened it and threw the fruit to the ground. Ms. Neale came to view this as the moment she should have realized he had begun to tire of her. Source: As I am by Patricia Neale 

Oh, seek, my love, your newer way; I’ll not be left in sorrow. So long as I have yesterday, go take your dammed tomorrow. Dorothy Parker

Lavishing compliments upon the bluffer casts upon them the self-doubt they need to acquire in their ability to maintain the false quality you have assigned to their achievement. Maurice Cibber  

Your public servants serve you right; indeed often they serve you better than your apathy and indifference deserve. Adlai Stevenson

Spurn not the nobly born with love affected; nor treat with virtuous scorn the well connected. W. S. Gilbert

A poor relation is the most irrelevant thing in nature, a piece of non pertinent correspondence, an odious approximation, a haunting conscience, a preposterous shadow, lengthening in the noontide of our prosperity. Charles Lamb

We can afford to exercise the self-restraint of a really great nation which realizes its own strength and scorns to misuse it. Woodrow Wilson

My heart got to thumping. You can't reason with your heart; it has its own laws, and thumps about things which the intellect scorns. Mark Twain

Paul Newman is simple not an actor and possibly not even alive. Dwight MacDonald

If you couldn't judge me on the surface, you'll always be judging me. Good riddance to your love. Blair Canon

Men will let you abuse them if only you will make them laugh. Henry Ward Beecher 

During a court festivity, King George the Third placed his unwelcome hand upon a court lady’s bosom.  According to one chronicler:
“Your Majesty,” said she, modestly casting down her eyes, “I can put a hand on a still softer place.”  Then, she laid her hand on the expectant monarch’s forehead.  Source: The Incredible Duchess by Doris Leslie

Scorn and contempt connote feelings evoked by those who have not obtained our esteem, or perhaps never possessed it.  Its deepest abyss is generally brought about by those who, in a deliberate way, have abused their abilities and private or public trust in order to trick, deceive and exploit society at large, and especially the most vulnerable among its members.

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