While a time-frame is often given regarding the healing of a physical wound, an anodyne for despair can be neither guaranteed nor predicted. Clayton T Grassant

The ways in which we respond to injury, to some degree, reflects who we are. For some, the return to health or contentment fosters a dimension of strength which might otherwise have remained embryonic. Source: Quotes by Jerome Castlema

An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult. Lord Chesterfield

Salve to thy sores, apt words have power to assuage the tumors of a troubled mind, and are as balm to festered wounds.  John Denham

Both hurt and joy are fluid in that either can shift to the other with astounding rapidity. Bona

It is better to receive than to do an injury. Cicero

God will not punish the man who makes return for an injury. Sophocles

Anecdote: In all kinds of injury and loss the lower and coarser soul is better off than the nobler soul: the dangers of the latter must be greater; the probability that it will come to grief and perish is in fact immense, considering the multiplicity of the conditions of its existence. In a lizard a finger grows again which has been lost; not so in man. Nietzsche

Advice after injury is like medicine after death. Proverb

It is foolish to pretend that one is fully recovered from a disappointed passion. Such wounds always leave a scar. Longfellow

A strong sense of injury often gives point to the expression of our feelings. Aristotle 

He who has injured thee was either stronger or weaker. If weaker, spare him; if stronger, spare thyself. Lord R. Jameson 

Forgiveness to the injured does belong; but they never pardon who have done the wrong. John Dryden

What deep wounds ever closed without a scar? The hearts bleed longest, and but heal to wear that which disfigures it. Lord Byron

A wound will perhaps become tolerable with length of time, but wounds which are raw shudder at the touch of the hands. Ovid

He injures a fair lady that beholds her not. Thomas Fuller

He invites future injuries who rewards past ones. Thomas Fuller

He that flings dirt at another dirties himself the most.  Unknown

Every murder or other injury, no matter for what cause, committed or inflicted on another is a crime against humanity. Quotes from Gandhi

Life itself is essentially appropriation, injury, conquest of the strange and weak, suppression, severity, obtrusion of peculiar forms, incorporation, and at the least, putting it mildest, exploitation.  Nietzsche

Open rebuke is better than secret love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Proverb

Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood. The latter perhaps wounds his vanity; but the former wounds his heart, his sympathy, which always says: "Ah, why would you also have as hard a time of it as I have?" Quote origin: Nietzsche

There are offenses given and offenses not given but taken. Isaac Walton

One thing is sure; there are just two respectable ways to die. One is of old age, and the other is by accident. Elbert Hubbard

It has been understood for some while that dogs, rather than being euthanized due to age and infirmity, can engage in symbiotic relationships with those coping with illness. One owner of a dog named Louis relates:  “He has helped people recovering from stroke and brain injury. On Christmas Day several years ago, he helped a stroke patient learn to move his fingers again. Louis loves to be scratched under his chin, and he simply would not give up nudging the man’s hands until he responded.” Quote from: To the Rescue: Found Dogs with a Mission by Elise Lufkin

There is no pain in the wound received in the moment of victory. Syrus

To deaden yourself against any hurt is to deaden yourself also against the hurt of others.  Max Lerner

Anger is many times more hurtful than the injury that caused it. Thomas Fuller

It is far pleasanter to injure and afterwards beg forgiveness than to be injured and grant forgiveness. He who does the former gives evidence of power and afterwards of kindness of character. Quote adapted from Nietzsche 

Everyone suffers wrongs for which there is no remedy. Edgar Watson Howe

Injury encompasses acts and influences that affect, all living things and all things associated with their well-being. Generally we associate injury with physical hurts and wounds, but it is also felt as an emotion which is more acute in humans and some larger brained animals such as the elephant, chimpanzees etc. This is because; the higher the intelligence the higher is the susceptibility of injury to property, character, feelings, and rights. This can be caused by means of hurtful words, detrimental acts, exclusion, and injustice.

We humans; have developed laws that ensure standards of well-being are recognized and applied between us, and in recent years between mankind and the animal kingdom. Violations of these laws are said to be injurious and hence redress can be sought within the legal system. It is reasonable to assume that as mankind evolves, the definition of injury will also evolve to a more complex level of legal interpretation.