A collection of Stories from readers experiences; some sad and thought provoking, and some that might bring you a smile.

BULLYING SIBLINGS  This story is about a young girl’s upbringing on a remote farm on the island of St Lucia. Repeatedly punished by her father and brothers, the psychological scars resurface in later life with devastating consequences for both herself and family.

BULLYING THE VOLUNTARY VICTIM This account questions whether an apparent victim of school harassment is in fact deliberately courting the negative attention of others.

JUSTIFIED BULLYING This is a Historical account of violence and punishment in prison. It questions our modern day perception of what is right and wrong.

THE BULLY and the MOP Set in a workplace environment this story exemplifies how banter can become harassment. Here the uncanny intervention of a third party solves the problem.

THE BULLY LAWYER This account explores the tactics by which a ruthless employer cleverly drives a worthwhile member of staff to resign from the firm.

THE BULLY NEIGHBOR This story addresses the disastrous impact on one neighbor subjected to harassment by the use of escalating noise by another.

THE BULLY TEACHER Finding himself in a position to exact revenge, a former pupil recollects his teacher’s cruelties and humiliations. 

THE BULLYING THUG These two short stories exemplify how youthful prankish behavior can evolve into something unacceptable.

THE EMOTIONAL BULLY This is a story of a man’s escape from domestic emotional control and cruelty.

THE HIDDEN BULLY This story is an example of how a twisted mind deploys technology to slake one man’s desire to cause pain to others. 

The real instigators of bullying behavior often keep a low profile and encourage other people to be their mouthpieces. But bullying in any form is never harmless. It can make the kids at the receiving end completely miserable, and can also do serious lasting damage that can affect the rest of their lives.  Rachael Baughan

Most do violence to their natural aptitude, and thus attain superiority in nothing. Baltasar Gracian

What’s my turn today may be thine tomorrow. Thomas Fuller