Bling is the ostentatious mask that will never substitute your true value. Mark Diamond

It is entirely possible to create something totally artificial within the realms of rock and roll. David Bowie

When one has seen, touched with the mind, absorbed, and understood of something beautiful; the seeing of the same in bling is an obscene mockery. Mark Wolfe  

Many a gracious form that is covered with a veil; but on withdrawing this thou discovered a grandmother. Anon

Longs chains of gold cannot take the place of brains. Proverb

Gerald Ratner became known as the sultan of bling and confirmed it when describing his jewelry retail empire as selling earrings that were cheaper than a prawn sandwich and probably wouldn't last as long.

It is easy to be beautiful, and so difficult to decorate the same. Mary Sykes 

Be content to be what you are; shiny stones and silver bangles only make you look what you really are. Tiny Tim

Did you know that bling can affect the mind! Yes; “it’s as good as the real thing” 
(This quote means: think about how many times you have said that)

Personal appearance is looking the best you can for the money. Virginia Hudson

Things are seldom what they seem; even a donkey looks quaint in bling. Ed Formby

Most women are not as young as their painted faces. Max Beerbohm

Listen to your mind not your heart and know first who you are before adorning yourself accordingly. Epictetus 

Whatever; bling always has something to hide. Grace Jones

I describe bling as being dressed up rather than being dressed. Amelia Carter

That which attempts to elevate the ugly to the level of beauty becomes neither; but an obscenity. John Donne

There is something worse than bling. It is the wearing of obsolete fashion. Chico 

‘Gilding the lily’, and ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ are examples of describing bling, but when did it begin? It was Adam and Eve when they made the first clothing from fig-leafs and fashion was born as an everyday sin. Quote from: Ostentation by Marcus Shaw

All our affirmations are mere matters of chronology; and even our bad taste is nothing more than the bad taste of the age we live in. Logan Pearsall Smith

Ours is not so much an age of vulgarity as of vulgarization; everything is tampered with or touched up, or adulterated or watered down, in an effort to make it palatable, in an effort to make it pay. Louis Kronenberger

Simplicity is the mean between ostentation and rusticity. Livy

Prize fighter Mike Tyson relates in his memoir “Undisputed Truth”.  “With all modesty, I invented the whole bling-bling look with my stretch limos, and my collection of Rolls’ and Lamborghini's. ... I even put a hot-tub in one of my limousines. I know I was the first to put a fax machine in a car. ... We used to buy pieces of jewelry that cost two, three million, ... ... In all my houses, everything was Versace, from the furniture, to the walls, to the comforters, to the sheets, to the towels, to the ashtrays, to the glasses and the plates. 

The frog tried to look like the prince and burst. Proverb

Nothing prevents our being natural so much as the desire to appear so. LA Rochefoucauld

If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing to excess. Oscar Wilde

Bling was originally a slang word used to describe garish and ostentatious jewelry. It is now an accepted word used universally to describe anything that is considered over-the-top, excessive, over adorned, a gaudy copy, or kitschy. Examples where bling is used as a comparison include all jewelry, clothing, fashion, shoes, cosmetics, tattoos, art, all that might appear to be glamorous and even furniture and antiques.