ABOUT Swan Ezine

Swanezine is written by Colleen Swan of Swan Ezine. A United States Attorney and U.K. solicitor with a Master’s degree in English and American Literature.

I have been an avid writer most of my life both in the legal field for various journals and educational publications. In 2009 I began building this website as part of a project for a writers group. We meet on a weekly basis both to read and critique each-others work and enjoy some verbal banter. One of the many exercises we include is composing within a time limit quotations about a specific subject which we then read to the group. This can be quite entertaining fun.

Realizing that we are in fact creating both unique and unpublished quotes as well as resurrecting old favorites, it seemed a natural progression to publish this material, and hence the structure of my website fell into place. Now each week we choose a subject matter and then write a related quote.

We amaze ourselves at how the imagination can produce a mix of words that contain so many interpretations, but there again that is what quotes are all about; they make us think, analyze, reminisce, smile, and repeat.  I am now retired and have time on my hands; which I will use to expand the website, and hope you will enjoy reading now and in the future. 

Overall the website is a diverse collection of quotes and writings from many authors including our editing team and writers group.

The site editing is with the assistance of Michael Swan, Clayton T Grassant, Jerome Castlema, Marcia Bona Bowen and our writers group. 

My ethos and aim is to publish for free, interesting material from new and established authors. 

I provide an annual free to enter short story competition and publish the winning entries. These competitions encompass the work of both budding and established authors. 

My first pages focused on bullying and dishonesty. These two pages have had a dramatic impact on the number of my website visitors. Since that time, I have continued to add new material and have listed over 130 topic categories. I also include proverbs and cockney rhyming slang.

I welcome input, comment, and suggestions.

Below are some of the members of my group who assist with editing.

John Edwards is an editor who has lived in America and then the UK for over 30 years. Career, retired; he is an historian and writer and has shared with us his collection of written work. 

Michael Swan (Husband) is an editor. A career in legal training, centered on ethics and conduct.

Jerome Castlema is an editor. A student studying English literature residing in New Jersey America, Jerome joined us after visiting our writers group whilst here on holiday. He writes stories and song lyrics. He intends to follow a career in journalism. 

Clayton T Grassant is an editor. A retired accountant, Clayton is a local news writer. Born in the United States he now lives in the village of Witton-le-Wear; and he joins us on local walks and shares his essays about philosophy.

Marcia Bona Bowen is no longer an active editor. A retired piano teacher, Marcia has donated her collection of antique books in order to provide my site with endless unique material. She now resides in a nursing home, and continues to contribute her wonderful material.

The members of my writers group participate in the editing, reviews and provision of quotes and material for the website. They also assist in the judging of my writing competitions. 

Written by Swan Ezine

I can be contacted by email at: Swanezine