From the Macabre to the Jovial, many subjects are covered here often with a poignant twist.
We term stories under 500 words to be Flash Fiction.

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Flash Fiction UNDER 5oo words

Can she hide her true desires from herself.
Revenge can twist and turn

Sometimes reality is stranger than myth and couples can developed ways of...

A boy has been puzzling, for some while, over his mother’s constant wish to visit her homeland.  This is the story of his awakening to parental subterfuge.

An elderly person reflects upon ageing and independence. 

Will Horace ever discover a way to break free?  To find out, read this letter dear mother.

Lightning evokes reflection of the past

A man’s reflection of his past relationships and the time for change.

Short but Sad

One never knows how and when danger can raise its ugly head.
Memories for a special day

UNDER 600 words

About a Mother and Child and their understanding of needs.

Governmental interests transcend human endeavors.

In this World sometimes only one choice remains.

Childhood memories evoke such strong desires to step back in time.

Wendy proved an enigma.

Father Pedro reflects upon his early years and how he conforms now.
What lies beneath flooring?

UNDER 750 words

Happy days can contain future distress.

The thing speaks for itself by Colleen Swan
An ageing law professor considers the liabilities of his retirement.

A hard day of personal achievement for Maggie.

A small boy's rationale for disobedience, and natural avarice. 
A letter to a weight-loss counselor and his reply.

UNDER 1000 words

Return to the Rowan Tree
Carrie Clarissa Kelly

About household Victorian attitudes from a servant’s aspect.

Is this satire or is it true?

About the sound of bells and the human mind.

About the interaction of past memories and the significance of today. 

Are witches all bad or are they casting spiral spells?

UNDER 1500 words

Actus Reus, Mens Rea: Fiction Crime Writer Unveils True-Crime. 

UNDER 2000 words

The protagonist found her own way to achieve ultimate revenge.