As the world grows older and civilizations advance at an exhilarating rate, energy sources such as petroleum play even bigger roles than before. Swan Energy Inc. recognizes the constantly growing need for domestic oil and natural gas resources and is in the position to take advanced measures to improve its operations. Laser oil well drilling is one of the most recent developments in the Oil and Energy industry which the company  may utilize to advance its search for petroleum-rich fields to develop for domestic use.   Keep in mind that laser drilling is an immerging technology still in its infancy stages.  Further research and development will be needed before Swan Energy considers using this technology.

Major laboratories and collaborators are now studying the feasibility of employing high-power laser technology as a new way of drilling for oil and gas, or as a helpful addition to current drilling techniques. Initially, the studies are focused on establishing a scientific basis for developing a laser drilling system and determine the level of oil and energy industry interest in pursuing further research. If laser drilling proves practicable, it could ultimately be the biggest change in drilling technology in the last century, possibly replacing rotary drilling as the petroleum industry’s standard method for reaching oil and gas deposits.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a typical land-based oil or gas well costs around $400,000 to drill, an offshore well costs an average of $4.5 million, while in some deeper and more difficult drilling terrains, costs can go up higher. Laser drilling can possibly address this issue as researchers believe that it has the potential to penetrate rock many times faster than conventional boring techniques, thus reducing the time a drill rig remains on site and the cost that comes with it.

There are more advantages that may come as laser drilling materializes. These advantages can definitely help companies such as Swan Energy Inc. prepare for the challenges of the future.

John Schiffner, President    

Brandon Davis, CEO