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Volunteer Opportunities

So much about running a successful, and safe event comes down to volunteers.  The third annual SwamThat Race is being held September 10th 2017. Additionally I’ve devised a safety plan which places a stationary kayak spotter between each buoy location, 10 in all.  I’m also looking for 2 fishing boats to anchor on the long corners of the course, and some kayakers to patrol the course assisting swimmers as needed. I’ve got radios this year too so no one will be alone out there.  If we reach 20 volunteers I will be making a T-shirt for the core, I’m also willing to purchase camp sites at Emerson bay for those individuals who would like to stay overnight.  We may be putting together a dinner the night before, and our lead kayaker has also indicated a night paddle may be organized. In order to keep a count, and know t-shit sizes if you are interested please register for the event here: http://events.eventzilla.net/e/4th-annual-swamthat-race-2138895811.

Volunteer Stationary Kayak Spotter

The responsibility of a Stationary Kayak Spotter will be to stay between two buoy points as an additional sighting reference point for swimmers. You will carry a couple of noodles, if a swimmer needs support they will be instructed to swim to you, you will provide them a noodle, and flag down a roaming kayaker or DNR for any assistance needed..


Volunteer Patrolling Kayak Spotter

The responsibility of a Patrolling Kayak Spotter will be to patrol the swim course, check in with stationary kayak spotters, and assist swimmers as necessary if they need to be towed in to shore. You will carry an extra life jacket, radio, and a couple of noodles, Radio communication will be used for any communication assistance needed. We have a lead kayaker who will organize the operation, and DNR will be onsite for medical support.


Volunteer Corner Fishing Boat - Two needed

The responsibility of a Volunteer Corner Fishing Boat is to stay at anchor on corner #1, or corner #2. Swimmers will be instructed to call out their swimmer number when they reach the corner. You will mark off the swimmer on a provided sheet, to track swimmer progress. You will be provide a radio for constant contact with the shore and patrol kayak group. In the case of swimmer assistance, radio contact, providing a life jacket and radio for support.

Thank you, 

Arlo Lorenz