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The Spirit of Honu - Course description

The course itself is 2.5K, it starts at Emerson beach, swims directly at Eagle point to corner #1, takes a left turn towards Crescent Beach resort to corner #2, and then heads back towards Emerson Beach.  Corner #1 is sighted by Eagle point, corner #2 is sighted by the resort, and Emerson beach is best sighted by a large tree that marks the center.

The Spirit of Honu is a rather entertaining current that streams through course.  Towards corner one it provides constant resistance for about 1.15K. Overall It will push you towards the beach, but becomes challenging between corner #1, and corner #2, as it whips around Eagle Point.  Because of this the most challenging portion of the course is this section, if there is a northerly wind, it has enough time to build and push you Northeast on the surface, while the current is pulling you Southwest.  This can be wild, and it will feel like a very long 250M. Then you have the opportunity to ride it back into the beach for about 1K, which will feel quick.  Make sure your kayak spotter knows about these conditions because you will take off, and they may be fighting wind conditions. Going around this multiple times creates a fun, entertaining and challenging race.

One of the reasons I chose Okoboji as a venue is the unbelievable cleanliness of the water.  Its spring feed at 120+ feet in the center of the lake.  Emerson bay bottoms out at about 30 feet but in years past we have had visibility at 15+ feet.  At this time of the year water temps average 70 degrees, and air temps start in the 50s and work their way into the 70s. The water is fresh water and chaffing is a consistent issue so please bring a lubricant for places that rub. Outside of that, it’s a beautiful swim, that is a lot of fun!

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Arlo Lorenz