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I need a Kayak Spotter

A kayak spotter is not required for the 2.5K or 5K, but you must provide your own for the 7.5K and the 10K. Safety is my number one concern, this is the reason that I require a kayak spotter for each participant. I wanted to provide you with a list of organizations that I'm familiar with to get you started in finding a kayaker. Thanks for your interest, please let me know if these do not pan out, I may be able to help.


1) Northwest Iowa Paddling Society - Facebook group.

2) South Dakota Canoe & Kayak Association - Facebook group.

3) Central Iowa Paddlers - Facebook group.

4) Nebraska Canoe and Kayak - Facebook group.

5) Kayaking Minnesota - Facebook group.

6) Paddling Minnesota - Facebook group.

7) Minnesota Canoe Association - Facebook group.