The 2017 Charity swim benefiting kiddos like me

On June 17, 2017, I'm swimming the 36-mile END wet race for charity - all proceeds will go to benefit the Orthopedics Program at Children's Hospital & Medical 

Event details available at .Center in Omaha.

At the age of eleven due to a football injury, the ball of my right femur broke off.  Three surgeries later I found myself in a full body cast for six months, the recipient of a total hip fusion. Seven years later, I underwent a total knee reconstruction due to the imbalanced growth of my knee. After multiple setbacks, I retired my mind to the fact that I was going to be permanently disabled. I began shopping for pills, shots, and hip replacements. This went on until thirty four years of age when I decided to become a marathon swimmer. That decision changed my life. Now it's time for me to honor those who gave their time to my cause, pay it forward, and hopefully change the lives of others. As I continue my training, this time for the longest race in the United States, I’m hopeful that my journey might inspire children dealing with life changing orthopedic issues. Now that I’m a parent, I’m cognizant of what my parents went through in supporting me, and am hopeful that my actions may ease that burden for the parents, as well as the entire family unit.

There is a very logical question in all of this: Why would anyone want to swim 36 miles? The answer for me is very simple: Because I can. This was not always the case, I only started swimming five years ago after finding myself in an unacceptable health situation. With hard work, and dedication, I’m now in the best physical situation of my life, I’m off all medication, and am teaching others to reach for their dreams. I want all of the children dealing with a recovery that seems impossible to know that they can physically, and mentally heal too. Forward is forward, no matter how slowly you progress, and although it may never be the same, you can still be excellent! I’m doing this to give hope to the child I once was, and all children that are facing an adversity that can only be described as unfair.

Please assist me on making a future a bit brighter, for someone who can be excellent if only given a chance.  Donate today, big or small does not matter, it will all go to smiles!

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Thank you,
Arlo Lorenz