Sites I Like

Links, the reason the Internet is so awesome!

Sites (in no order whatsoever)

Renegade Gardener - It's hard to describe the awesomeness of this site. I can't.  Just visit for a laugh and great advice.

Sustainable Gardening / Susan Harris - Not just about sustainable gardening, a really informative, non-scary site with useful tips and really funny commentary.  Tons of links to articles.

Garden Rant - their manifesto pretty much sums up my feelings about gardening.  Often funny, with links to great pictures and articles.

Rob's Plants - totally awesome site (which inspired me to create this one) with tons of information about Rob's success or failure with what seems like bazillions of plants.  He posts amazing pictures and descriptions of all his plants.  Really fascinating and a non-corporate opinion of growing all types of plants from seed.

Dave's Garden - unlike Rob's Plants, I'm not sure Dave's Garden actually has a garden, but for group discussions on everything and anything about plants, this is the place to go.  This site has info on plants, bugs, retailers, techniques.  It's an encyclopedia created by real gardeners. I use it frequently. I have a harder time finding Massachusetts specific stuff however.

Garden Lady - C.L. Fornari, a Massachusetts gardener, with lots of articles and regular commentary on typical garden problems, plants, other plant websites, and lots of links to great sites.

168 Elm Ave - fascinating site about how the average home can conserve water.  Really informative with wonderful pictures and detailed descriptions on how to conserve water with rain barrels, bio swales, porous pavement, roof gardens...

Plant Amnesty - just when I was starting to think I was being persnickety about my hatred of the mounded yews that substitute for landscaping in these parts, Garden Rant ranted about a website dedicated to eradicating such atrocities. The gallery is good for a chuckle.

 The Garden Path - from what I can gather, this is a section of an online magazine called, "Old Fashioned Living."  I haven't poked around too much on the site, but I liked the articles on gardening. They focus on things a kitchen gardener or non-pro would do, like growing from seed, container gardening etc...


"Turf War," The New Yorker

"Companion Planting: So Happy Together," The Cutting Edge