My Yard
The reason why I want a house in the country.

The Back-side Yard

My husband and I own a house on approximately 0.10 acres. So you can imagine it's pretty small because there's a house, garage, and driveway in the middle of the 0.10 acres.  Some days, the yard can actually feel too big, because it's in such abysmal shape.  The Back-side Yard was probably in the worst shape when we moved in.  It seemed to be the place where the previous owner/tenants dumped garbage and let weeds grow.


  • It's on the North side of the house. It gets some light in the morning. Then slices of sun in the afternoon.
  • It's the toilet for the dogs (enough said). We have two, dogs that is.
  • It includes a bent, rusty, chain-link fence.
  • It came with saplings that are growing through the fence.
  • It has been invaded by Japanese Knotweed
  • My son and husband like to use it for sports


  • It's semi-private and protected from winds
  • It came with tons of hostas.
  • A lovely Forsythia grows there.
  • No one else can see how ugly it is.

The Side Yard

After extensive lobbying, I convinced my husband that we needed to fence off the side of the house that borders the street and our driveway. It's a strip about 50' x 12 and gets a lot of sun, though it has a pretty dramatic slope (great for drainage).  My thinking was that since we have a two-family home and plan to rent out the units one day, we would sweeten the deal with separate yards for each unit and get more useable outdoor space. Now the space has been taken over by my son and his sandbox.

The Front Yard(s)

Our front is divided into what seems like two separate yards.  One side of the front porch gets almost full sun. The other side is in shade in the afternoons, and is definitely more neglected.  I like these areas the least.  Flowers in front get killed by the lovely neighborhood vandals and things like watering cans get stolen from my front porch.  Ah, city living! 

The picture above is of the tulip I found lopped off.  It's pretty, but I think I would have preferred it stay on its stalk...