Hate List
or just things I simply don't understand

I really have no right to judge anyone's hard work or aesthetic choices, but here I go anyway!

  • Red Mulch --- Aaargh! Why? Do trees bleed?
  • Shaped (not pruned) Rhododendrons/Azaleas --- ghastly shorn things.  I feel their pain.
  • Yew Gardens ---Since when is a giant, bulbuous circle attractive? Or five? or ten? They look like fuzzy, green pom-poms that are feeding on the foundation. Don't get me wrong, one or two is okay, buy Yew monoculture is just wrong (and a pain in the place the sun doesn't shine to maintain).
  • McMansions on Giant Lots w/ Nary a Tree in Sight --- couldn't the builders have left one tree? Who actually wants to mow a 1/2 acre lot?* 
  • Grass Lawns --- There are plenty of articles and what seems like a growing political movement against grass (I'm having visions of the future suburban grass wars. I won't go into any of that (though mostly I agree). I hate grass because it's a lot of work to maintain (mowing, edging, fertilizing, raking, aerating, watering).  With all that time, I would rather be planting flowers, deadheading or weeding.  It's really more of a utility issue.  All that work and very little benefit.  My son does like to kick a ball on it every so often though.
  • Impatiens Everywhere - Don't get me wrong, I love Impatiens, I even grow them from seed, but I am so sick of seeing them plunked down everywhere, regardless of the color or how ridiculous they look underneath a giant yew (because I really love looking at ribbons of scarlet and dark green).  Are they the only GD annuals sold at nurserys?  Even worse is when they are planted in alternating colors too far apart.  Like pale pink, then white, then pale pink, clumps in a row is attractive?

* Actually, my father-in-law loves to mow his yard, but I think that's because he has a ride-on mower and thinks its fun, so I know at least one person who enjoys it!