Seattle - Swamp Fire Meeting

                                                                                                                         "Swamp Fire"
                                                                                                               Air Combat and Ground Crews
                                                                                                                            07 May 1944
                                                                                                                      Fast Forward 67 Years
                                                                                                                           12 March 2011
                                                                                       Crewmen of the Swamp Fire meet with the families of former Crewmates

     Left to right is:  Dominick DeSalvo  * Byron Clark  * Kathy Przybyla
                         * Shari Clark  * Richard Przybyla

   Kathy Przybyla is the wife of Richard Przybyla. Richard
 is the son of the Swamp Fire's Radio Operator Ed Przybyla

                    Ed Przybyla - Radio Operator/Gunner

    Byron greets Richard Lewis son of the Tail Gunner
                      Elijah Wayne Lewis

                               Elijah "Lou" Lewis -Tail Gunner

  Left to right is: * Dominick DeSalvo  * Scott Clark * Byron Clark  
                       * Kathy
Przybyla * Bob Ziemba * Richard Przybyla

   Scott Clark is the son of Swamp Fire's Co-Pilot
                      Byron  Barr Clark
                              Byron Barr "BB" Clark - Co-Pilot

     Richard Lewis - Dominick DeSalvo - Byron Clark

       Richard                             Dominick                 Byron         Scott

     Will Winter reads from a bio of Byrons' wartime
  experiences that was written by one of his Daughters

                The Norden Bomb sight

     Crew Chief                                CoPilot
  Dominick DeSalvo                   Byron B.Clark

    Meredith Lewis and her friend Ginny were impressed

     Byron & Dom pose with George Bejian

              Duane DeSalvo takes a turn with Co-Pilot Byron Clark
                and his Father Ground Crew Chief Dominick DeSalvo

                       Richard Lewis - Charlie Cash  &  Ginny Cash
                     take a closer look at the Tail Gunners' position

Dominick DeSalvo Ground Crew Chief of the the Swamp Fire & Byron Clark Co-Pilot
await to meet the families of former crewmen

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         Richard Przybyla        Byron Clark           Diane Lewis          Ginny   

         Richard Lewis spreads out
  a commemorative artwork
of the Swamp Fire depicting
 her 100th mission
without an abort.
The date was
01 November 1944 

          Dominick           Kathy                Byron                    Richard

Richard Przybyla in the photo on the left & Richard Lewis in the photo on the right are pointing out details of the Swamp Fire's paint scheme

  Byron Clark and his wife Shari talk with Richard Lewis as Duane DeSalvo takes photos in the back ground. This meet and greet session originated in the Old Red Barn section of the Museum of Flight.The Red Barn was Boeings first aircraft

  Dominick autographs the commemorative art work for the
   families of the Swamp Fire as Byron awaits his turn. In
   Background is Byron's son Scott looking on.

                   Byron Clark Swamp Fire's Co-Pilot signs the artwork as
                    his wife Shari and Richard Przybyla oversee the event

The art work was created for us by
Chris Sheppard of
ShepArt Studios

Contact Info:

ShepArt Studio
Architectural Rendering

535 - 35th Avenue North

Saint Petersburg, FL 33704

phone: 727-537-6044

fax: 888-500-7052 

            Shari and Byron leads us out of the Red Barn on our tour
                                of the Museum of Flight

        Richard  Przybyla            Will  Winter                           George Bejian
   Will is showing a print depicting the evolution of the B-17

       Byron and Will explain the basic
            make up & changes in the
    B-17 by using the original blueprints

      Kathy & the two Richards

The group got a chance to see the Museums
B-17 which was not on public display


                               Standing left to right
       Scott Clark- Bob Ziemba- Duane DeSalvo- Dom DeSalvo-
                   Richard Lewis- Byron Clark- Will Winter
                                          Kneeling left to right
                         Richard Przybyla- Brendan ByronWinter

             Left to right is: Dominick DeSalvo * Byron Clark  *Kathy Przybyla
               * George Bejian
George is son of Swamp Fire's Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
                                 Berj Bejian

                      Berj Bejian - Engineer/Top Turret Gunner

     Richard Przybyla          Dominick DeSalvo                Duane DeSalvo
           Richard Lewis

       Duane DeSalvo is the son of Swamp Fire's
              Ground Crew Chief Dominick DeSalvo

                        Dominick "Dom" DeSalvo - Ground Crew Chief

   Dominick and Byron examine the paint scheme which had changed not long after Byron's tour had ended. Richard is pointing to the old white Triangle "K" which Byron remembers & could still be seen from under the new paint scheme.

                Dom                 Byron                            Shari
     Richard unfolds an artist rendition of Swamp Fire Depicting
     Her 100th Mission Mark.

         Old comrades Dominick & Byron talk

     Looking at a photo of Aircraft # 890 of the 379th BG
     She managed to return home despite having the nose section shot off. The Ground Crew had her flying again in less than few weeks.

                    Wind tunnel models

         Will               Byron                         George         Duane

       The Cash Family look over the tail section with Richard Lewis. This area was were Richard's Dad "Lou" occupied. He always said he was the stinger in that giant aluminum Bee.

          Meredith Lewis takes photos of Will Winter, Byron     
          Clark, George Bejian & Duane DeSalvo

                       Old Comrades swap remembrances

                               Standing left to right
        Scott Clark- Bob Ziemba- Duane DeSalvo- Dom DeSalvo-
        Richard Lewis-  Byron Clark- Will Winter- George Bejian
                                          Kneeling left to right
                             Richard Przybyla- Brendan Byron Wint