November 13, 2010 University of Michigan, Lorch 301

SWAMP 2010 Presentation Schedule

30 minutes for the talk, 10 to discuss, 5 for transition

    9:00 - 9:45 Bagels and coffee

9:45 Scott Martin: A Higher-Order Theory of Presupposition 

10:30 Curt Anderson: Manner modification and like

11:15 Karl DeVries: Frequency Adjectives

    12:00 - 1:30 Lunch

1:30 Rebekah Baglini: The scalar source of adjectival participles

2:15 Timothy Grinsell: Two types of Russian perfectives

    3:00 - 3:30 Coffee Break

3:30 Lori Moon: Counterfactual Conditionals: Without an antecedent?

4:15 Eric Snyder: Gradability without vagueness?

NB: there will be a projector in the room. If you need other special equipment, please email Joseph at

SWAMP 2010 (Semantics Workshop of the American Midwest and Prairies) will be taking place in Ann Arbor on November 13, 2010
Location: Lorch 301.
Call for Papers

We welcome work that is sufficiently developed for public presentation, but that has not already been submitted for publication or presented at a major conference. Presentations will be 30 minutes long, with 10-15 minutes for questions, depending on the number of participants. We invite presentations of new and original research in semantics and related areas, including (but not limited to) the syntax-semantics interface, pragmatics, philosophy of language, computer science, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, and cognitive psychology.

To facilitate the goals of this meeting and keep it informally centered on graduate work, we ask each participant university to submit one to two abstracts apiece. Decide among yourselves whose work you would like to submit. Once decided, please submit a short abstract (no more than 500 words) with a title and affiliation(s). Our hope is that everyone who wants to present will have an opportunity to do so, but if time constraints make this impossible, then talks will be selected based on the quality and originality of the work, degree of completeness, and the areas of research represented at the workshop. In addition, although both faculty and students are encouraged to participate, student presentations will be given priority, all other things being equal.

Abstract Deadline: October 15, 2010.

Please email a pdf version of your abstract to with subject heading 'SWAMP 2010 submission.' Please include author name(s), affiliation(s) and primary email address(es) in the body of the email. A schedule of presentations will be made available by October 22, 2010.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ann Arbor in November.

Your SWAMP 2009 organizing committee
Joseph Tyler, Ezra Keshet, Tim Chou
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