Reality, Time, Space, and Causation

Reality, Time, Space, and Causation
By Swami Rama


The nature of Reality is a game of hide and seek, which is really the only game there is—now you see it and now you don’t.

That which smiles through all faces is only One Reality and the same One is called One without second. There is only One that exists beneath all the forms of the world. There is only One—here, there, and everywhere—incomparable, changeless and everlasting.

It is said that as long as there exists the sense of duality, there also exists a space, and along with this comes a sense of time. These bind one under certain conditions and that is why there is fear, agony, and pain.

Had there been only One, what would there be to fear? Fear means acknowledging more than one at the same time. There exists only one Infinite loving itself, living with eternal joy all in One, all alone.

Walk alone and do not be lonely, for actually you are alone, which means all in One.

Time, Space, and Causation

It is important to know the three conditionings of the mind—time, space, and causation. You are afraid of someone because you acknowledge the existence of someone as different from you. If there is only One, who will be afraid of whom? When all desires are swallowed by only one wave, and when that wave alone exists, then there will be no time, space, or causation.

Time, space, and causation prevent you from realizing the unity in diversity.

The secrets of birth and death are revealed only to a fortunate few. It is a rare person who can lift the veil of time, space, and causation and then know that past, present, and future are but commas and semicolons in a long sentence without a period.

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