Your Referral Link and ID #

You will get matched 1,000 SB's of your Referral's first search wins. 

Then you referral link is right at the top


Do NOT Post Your Referral Link on pages that do not belong to 

you or that you do not have permission to post on. If you 

are reported you will lose your swagbuck account for spamming 


How to find your SB ID#:

Make sure you are logged in to your Swagbuck account.

Select and copy (Ctrl + C) the following script:

javascript:alert("Your Swag Bucks member ID 


Go here to open the swagbucks 

widget page. (You need to do this)

Paste (Crl + V) the code in the address bar in place of the URL (not the search field!)

 of the open window.

Hit "Enter"

Your Swag Buck ID should appear. Write it down.

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