Surveys are PURE LUCK, there is no way to really help you 

with them They either accept you or NOT.

One good thing about surveys is that if you don't get  approved 

for a survey, Swag Bucks will automatically give you 1 swag buck 

for being disqualified. ( 5 a day max) 

*Each survey is looking for unique qualifications in an individual to successfully complete the survey.

 Therefore, there might be times when you won't meet the survey requirements.

** Rewards Amounts are offered upon successfully completing a survey. In circumstances where 

you are disqualified from a survey or the survey has reached its quota you will be compensated 

1 Swag Buck for up to 5 attempted surveys in a day. Answer all surveys truthfully and only attempt 

surveys that you intend to complete.

*** Limited time only.

Go to the link below to see your pending surveys...

 If you are experiencing issues with the 

Trusted Surveys Page please take a 

screenshot that includes the URL of your 

dashboard and contact Swag Bucks 

Customer Support Department.

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